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Steve Kirsch April 17, 2014 at 06:21 PM
John, do you understand (even if you don't like it) that education costs are not driven by theRead Morenumbe r of students in the system? I know that it is easy to assume that "add a student = add a cost & remove a student = remove a cost", but that is just not they way it works.
Fact Checker April 17, 2014 at 07:07 PM
john, MPS has more than 500 employees so even a minor increase in salary will raise the budget. Read MoreEne rgy costs are going up, the cost of textbooks, paper, bills,... we went to full day kindergarten, unfunded mandates. The state mandated teacher evaluation model had the district invest money into administrator training. The Common Core State Standards has cost money. New textbooks and instructional materials need to be aligned to the Common Core State Standards. Professional development initiatives, materials, and programs to instruct teachers and administrators on the Common Core State Standard cost money...
john April 17, 2014 at 08:10 PM
SK Steve I understand just fine, but I fear you are failing to see the REAL issue here. What anRead Moreo ddity 1000 students less and budgets have done nothing but increased! MUCH Less cost more? So the school system spends more no matter what. DOES THAT SOUND SUSTAINABLE TO ANYONE? So why every year are those who vote NO blamed repeatedly? THEY HAVE SEEN AND FELT THE PROBLEM FOR YEARS AND NO ONE HAS LISTENED. They are not against education at all, they are FOR COMMON SENSE and fair play. There seems to be a very big shortage of that in Monroe leadership and political parties. Steve I understand you and others care about the school system and I think that's great. But education costs should not force any family to repeatedly reduce their quality of life year after year, or worst move away. BECAUSE EVERY CHILD'S DEVELOPMENT AND EDUCATION STARTS AT HOME. A true town government should be responding to everyone not just those they want to hear.
Joe Mancini April 16, 2014 at 05:43 PM
Jim Weinberg-your arrogance has interfered with your ability to understand someone else's point. Read MoreJa ne was concerned that people like Jeff Guttman do not have the capability to make decisions,as a BOE member, to properly represent the students. She wasn't agreeing/disagreeing with Common Core she just couldn't fathom that a person like Guttman was representing Monroe. Get off your high horse.
Jim Weinberg April 17, 2014 at 10:23 AM
Joey, Joey, Joey, ...its so nice you and Jane are learning big words! But lets try to use themRead Morecorre ctly ....I may be arrogant, that's for others to judge, but it has nothing to do with Jane, or your, ignorance when it comes to Common Core. We have representatives on the BOE who are supposed to be looking out for us, not pretending to understand something that is presented in such a way as to "obfuscate" the real issues at hand. Do you, and Jane, wish to have representatives that pretend to understand something just because they are afraid to ask for clarification and to have it presented in language that the everyday person can understand? I believe that you two, and others, are simply happy to sit back and let this happen. As I pointed out earlier the entire wave of CC slammed the states, 40 to perhaps 45 seemed to embrace it, but now understand that it is a horrific program being pressed on us and if we don't like what is happening its incumbent upon us to make sure we understand it and fight it off. For the every day parent in the system we need reps like Guttman to do their job and make damn sure they know what is happening. If you think differently then you spend your free time on the BOE or for that matter any other board or commission where you are away from your family for several evening a month and wading through issues that you might not understand. I would like to meet you someday and maybe even Jane, and see what drives people like you.....you can sit on here spouting off your leftist baloney but somehow I doubt you ever spend a minute of your time helping others in our community or anywhere else. How the devil do u have the "big ones" to draw the first breath in criticism of others who do?? Now...that would fit the definition of "arrogance" don't you think? Perhaps you are the proverbial "kettle"????
Jay April 17, 2014 at 06:29 PM
Jim sounds like you own a dictionary; maybe you could lend it to Guttman so that he could look upRead Moreso me “BIG WORDS”. Jim you’re a Republican and so I guess you’re going to support Guttman, but hey come on now the man is an idiot. Jim settle your self down, relax, turn on cable and watch the BOE and if you start to get worked up just wait a while, Guttman will come on and provide comic relief. If that doesn’t work try Town Council, Vavrek is always good for a few laughs.
Unaffiliated April 13, 2014 at 12:51 PM
Vavrek is a Con Man. How is that for reporting, Jan? The reporting that was once done by a localRead Moreed itor can be picked up by readers if they would take time to write about something that affects Monroe. For example I wrote a piece in the Town Square section on how Steve Vavrek goes about scamming the public into paying higher taxes every year. If everyone would take some time to write about the various corruptions that permeate our town maybe we could make this a better place
Lois Spence April 14, 2014 at 07:55 PM
Something tells me that the OP was not talking about political mud-slinging. I agree with the OPRead Morein that there is no longer any coverage of Board or Commission meetings, local sports, human interest stories things that only concern those of us that live here. Bill Bittar was everywhere, and I miss his coverage.