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Free Speech April 15, 2014 at 07:01 PM
Joel do you honestly believe we should not have full day kindergarten! Maybe if you had kids youRead Morewou ld understand why it is valuable. It is also necessary un the common core.
Joel Leneker April 15, 2014 at 09:30 PM
Free speech: Did I say I was against full day kindergarden? No I did not say that I asked how muchRead Mored oes full day kindergarden cost? According to the superintendent last year the first part of the implementation cost $400,000 with more to come this year. So I ask how much dies full time kindergarden really cost instead of piece leaking it to the taxpayers.
Joel Leneker April 15, 2014 at 09:36 PM
Jebidiah: For years we have bonded for multiple education projects when they were cut from theRead Morebudge t. The Stepney Elementary school roof was one project bonded for 2 million with more to come. That amount of money needs to be part of a town budget not added onto a budget. If the board of Ed maintained their buildings we would not have been in a situation having to replace 3 roofs. So Jebidiah, my comments are not the gibberish you speak of, so please refrain from trite personal attacks.
Rob April 15, 2014 at 11:55 AM
Wow, this Jane person really knows how to contribute to a thoughtful discussion! Having worked inRead Moreco rporate America I'm familiar with the syndrome of communicating in jargon. In a lot of what passes as "communication" in big organizations - education included - words are used as much to obfuscate as to clarify. I'm sure those were the "big words" Mr. Gutman was talking about in his complaint about how the Common Core standards program is being communicated to those of us in what the Soviets used to call the hoi polloi. If supporters of Common Core really cared about its success, they might learn how to discuss things civilly with people who have legitimate concerns about it - and also stop cloaking the discussion in bureaucrat-ese.
Vera Karger April 15, 2014 at 10:07 PM
As I understand Jane's comment, she's confident that she knows all the BIG WORDS (as she tends toRead Moresh out)...so it seems fitting that she offer to explain those big words to anyone & everyone. At least, that would be the gesture of a generous & gracious person.
Bruce April 15, 2014 at 10:21 PM
Vera, you are in no position to criticize anybody. You are famous for making fun of children in the Read MoreCourier and on this Patch.
Unaffiliated April 13, 2014 at 12:51 PM
Vavrek is a Con Man. How is that for reporting, Jan? The reporting that was once done by a localRead Moreed itor can be picked up by readers if they would take time to write about something that affects Monroe. For example I wrote a piece in the Town Square section on how Steve Vavrek goes about scamming the public into paying higher taxes every year. If everyone would take some time to write about the various corruptions that permeate our town maybe we could make this a better place
Lois Spence April 14, 2014 at 07:55 PM
Something tells me that the OP was not talking about political mud-slinging. I agree with the OPRead Morein that there is no longer any coverage of Board or Commission meetings, local sports, human interest stories things that only concern those of us that live here. Bill Bittar was everywhere, and I miss his coverage.
Crown Royal April 09, 2014 at 01:19 PM
The newly proposed budget has a cut of just $120k, with a mill rate increase ofRead More2.2% http://monroec t.org/resources/2/14-15%20Budget/PUBLIC%20Proposed%202014-2015%20Annual%20Town%20of%20Monroe%20Budget%20for%20VOTE%20APRIL%2022%202014%202nd.pdf
Alex April 09, 2014 at 01:45 PM
Thanks Crown Royal, that's disappointing though.
Jebidiah Stone April 09, 2014 at 10:30 PM
Folks people from both parties said this was a great budget.....why cut it at all? It'sRead Morebasic...defe r some buying or make cuts in services being offered. Can't have it both ways can maintain services by cutting and aren't you tired of nickel and diming things and paying more to fix them after they break beyond repair...go head and slash the budget...nothing will ever get fixed right, more will fall apart but you people will be happy
Unaffiliated April 08, 2014 at 04:36 PM
Calling all Republicans and all Republican wannabes come out and support your man Vavrek and hisRead MoreTax Increase. Once his Tax Increase passes it will become your Tax Increase too and in that way you will be forever joined with your leader. Vote YES for higher Taxes!
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