Comic Conversations: Canceled Comic Cavalcade!

Reviews of "OMAC," "Frankenstein," "The Ray," "Mister Terrific" and "Green Lantern!"


I got quite a surprise when I started reading my morning comic news after deciding what books to talk about this week.

I discovered that DC Comics is canceling two of its titles in May, "OMAC" and "Mister Terrific," along with four other books that I haven't been reading.

In their place, DC will launch six new books in May. Four of them I'll definitely be picking up, while I'm a little on the fence for the other two.

"Batman Incorporated" by Grant Morrison and Chris Burnham – I mentioned the 'season finale' of a few weeks ago as being something truly fantastic. This series will wrap up the Batman story Morrison started way back in 2006.

 "Earth 2" by James Robinson and Nicola Scott

I wasn't a fan of Robinson's work on Superman but his series Golden Age starring the Justice Society of America makes me want to read this book.

In the DC multiverse, Earth 2 was where the Justice Society formed to help fight World War II and disbanded when HUAC wanted them to reveal their identities to Congress. Whether all of that is still true when "Earth 2" comes out in May remains to be seen.

"World's Finest" by Paul Levitz, George Perez and Kevin Maguire – The adventures of Power Girl and Huntress stranded on an all new world! Sounds fun to me.

"Dial H" by China Miéville and Mateus Santoluoco – This looks to be reviving the old Dial H For Hero concept where a character would dial a special phone that gave them a superpower.

The other two, "G.I. Combat" and "The Ravagers," I don't have much interest in, one being an an anthology of war stories taking place in the DCU and the other being about super-powered teens on the run.

Crossover Fun Times!

"OMAC #5" and "Frankenstein Agent of S.H.A.D.E.," by Dan Didio, Jeff Lemire with art by Keith Giffen ("OMAC") and Alberto Ponticelli ("Frankenstein")

"OMAC" came out last week and "Frankenstein" this week but the two issues take place at the same time when Frankenstein is ordered to apprehend OMAC.

These two titles crossing over makes a good deal of sense since they both star monsters and big fights. Both of these titles have been a lot of fun and I'm sad to see OMAC going away in May.

I'm noticing some discrepancies now that I'm reading the two books side by side. They're still a lot of fun and I hope that when both of these books get collected their companion issues also get included.

However, the two fight scenes look like they're following different scripts. I know that would be true anyway because each is told from a different character's perspective but only the beginning and the end of the fights are the same.

I suppose I shouldn't really complain since both are pretty fun to look at anyway and I didn't even notice until I had them opened up next to each other so I could write this.

Still, giant monsters fighting other monsters every month -- what more could you ask for from a comic?


"Mister Terrific" by Eric Wallace and Gianluca Gugliotta

The first three issues of this I liked a lot as it followed Mister Terrific, aka CEO of Holt Industries, Michael Holt; as he went of superhero adventures using his scientific know-how and was visited by his supposedly dead son from the future.

It was a fun science fiction story involving a supervillain with mind control powers who, at one point, used Michael to try to kill a senator. The last two issues have had Mister Terrific traveling to the Ninth Dimension and getting caught by alien slavers and his attempts to escape.

Spoiler Alert: Although the problems in this issue are solved by a child believing in themselves, it was still a fun read. The last few pages set up events for what will end up being the last three issues with some group trying to take over Holt Industries.

I just hope that Wallace is prepared for the end and doesn't end his final issue with a cliffhanger that will never be resolved.

"The Ray #2" of 6 by Justin Gray, Jimmy Palmiotti and Jamal Igle

This is the second part of a miniseries about the all new Ray, who is Lucien Gates. He gained his new powers in the first issue.

While working as a lifeguard, he was hit by a strange ray of light and could suddenly, and accidentally, fly at the speed of light. There were some hilarious consequences as a result of Lucien gaining powers last issue.

Mostly, he can't wear clothes anymore -- they burn right off of his body. He did learn how to make it look like he has clothes although he still finds it unnerving knowing that he's walking around naked all the time.

This issue has the Ray fighting off an alien invasion and getting dumped by his girlfriend. The writers are definitely using the old tried-and-true 'Spider-Man Method' for their new hero -- if things are going well for him as a superhero, things go badly for him as his regular self and vice-versa.

I'm definitely in it for the rest of this miniseries and I hope that it does well enough to warrant an ongoing with the same creators.

"Green Lantern #5" by Geoff Johns and Doug Mahnke

Johns has been writing Green Lantern stories since 2005, when he brought Hal Jordan back from the dead. When Green Lantern came back in September for DC's reboot, it came right after "The War of the Green Lanterns," which ended with Hal Jordan being expelled from the Green Lantern Corps and his old mentor/archenemy Sinestro taking his place as the Green Lantern of Sector 2814.

Issue 5 completes the first arc of this new series and new status quo. It's been like an outer space buddy cop movie with the grizzled, by-the-book disgraced cop and his headstrong and reckless new partner.

While this new series has tried to keep things simple for the sake of new readers, it is still the next chapter of a story that's been going for almost seven years.

Everything before this has been collected already starting with Green Lantern Rebirth. My favorite though was "The Sinestro Corps War" which took Geoff Johns' idea of Green Lantern being the 'Star Wars' of the DCU and ratcheted it up to eleven.

If that kind of science fiction space opera appeals to you, then I would suggest checking out his Green Lantern stories.

By the way, did you know that I bought these books in Middlebury? There's a pretty great comic book store there called . If you have any comic book or superhero related questions, feel free to leave them in the comments or send them to me @BJDowd on Twitter.

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