Activity on New Colony Diner, Stevenson Lumber Properties

The diner was recently sold and a developer presented a concept for the Stevenson Lumber site

New Colony Diner was always busy for breakfast and lunch with lines of patrons waiting to be seated for dinner. It was also a late night destination for decades before closing its doors a few years ago.

Co-owners of the Circle Diner on Post Road in Fairfield hope to breathe new life into the empty building at 568 Main Street. Fani Loukrezis of Easton sold her property to ADZ LLC for $700,000 on Jan. 31, according to town land records.

Chief Building Official James Sandor said he's waiting to sign off on a building permit allowing the owner renovate the building and add a small vestibule in the front and storage area in the back.

"All I need is approval from the health department and a check," he said.

Dimitri Alatakis, part owner of the Circle Diner in Fairfield, applied for the permit. Patch could not reach him for comment by press time.

Meanwhile, another developer presented a conceptual plan for a recycling facility at the Stevenson Lumber Co. property at 1585 Monroe Turnpike. First Selectman Steve Vavrek praised the potential applicant for going about things "the right way by pre-selling" the project.

"The most important thing is a lot of vacant spots are being filled and whether that's a diner, a restaurant or a cafe, it's a good thing," Vavrek said Monday afternoon. "People like to dwell on businesses that are leaving, but some vacancies are being filled and businesses are expanding. We have a vibrant industrial site on Pepper Street that's filling up right now."

Vavrek encourages residents to attend Planning & Zoning Commission meetings to see what other types of businesses are coming to town.

"If anyone has any questions, please call this office," he said.

The phone number for the First Selectman's Office is (203) 452-2821.

Renee Delmolino April 25, 2011 at 02:28 AM
I have read page A6 of todays Ct Post and this is exactly why I say this is the WRONG project for Monore. Both in Milford and Newtown once they approved zoning for these "recylcing" facilities these dumps became a nightmare to thier communities. Both towns have had to contend with pollution violations amongst other issues. Once these facilities are in place their is no getting rid of them. Even the DEP is afraid to enforce regulations. WHY in the world do we want to invite this into our town?????? Okay, we will recieve $200,000. in taxes a year. Who will pay for the contamination clean up When it happens? Who is going to pick up the trash along the road when all those peices bounce out of the truck? What about the oil that leaks out of these trucks onto our roads? How about the contamination from the water run off into the Housatonic River and our wells? The chemicals from demolition materials causes serious health problems. Solid waste attracks verminin the thousands that carry disease. The list goes on and on....Please sell me on the positives!
brian fried April 25, 2011 at 12:14 PM
Nancy, it will bring jobs to the area(and those jobs )will benefit your business- but they will not revitalize the retail stores in the area- most people dont shop near or at the DUMPWhat we are talking about is having 5 MILLION POUNDS A DAY of other areas/peoples garbage dropped in our backyards. we do need Retail and a buyer for the SL property-but what we need is a buyer who will not only increase the tax base but also enhance the area( the new strip mall and wedding facility and proposed gas station are a great start)- a dump is a blight on a community and the surrounding areas decline into decay As far as Amec offering jobs to Monroe residents- how much do you think they pay for a guy to sort thru garbage? Prob not a salary that could afford the tax rate in this town A lumber truck is very different from a garbage truck-as a dump is very different than a lumber yard this is a destructive industry to let into our town
brian fried April 25, 2011 at 12:23 PM
All of the garbage will come thru Town Via trucks- and when 111 becomes a traffic mess they will drive the local streets to get to the Dump- it will leave by rail should be an interesting mixture of school buses,16/17 yearl old drivers and tri-axles full of garbage trying to get in and out of Masuk HS
Life By The Green April 25, 2011 at 05:48 PM
I attended as well and don't really remember the dicussion as respectful. From my perspective it was dominated by a few church members who felt the need to preserve their personal Sunday morning view of the Green at the expense of those of us who live around it seven days a week. After 10+ years of membership in that church, that was the last time I set foot inside its doors. Combined with another internal church issue, the hypocrisy was more than I could take. So here we are, a few years later, and the traffic around the green is significantly worse, soon to become potentially dangerous if these massive numbers of massive trash trucks start coming through on the schedules that AMEC has hinted about. As it is, the Church St./111 corner often has lines of more than 10 cars waiting to turn, and speed limits on 111 are all but ignored. It's a scary proposition, especially when you consider that at the morning rush, most of the turning cars are high schoolers. The amount of crashes there is already alarming - wait until a hauler short on time comes through the green on a rainy morning with 60,000 pounds of waste and questionable brakes. The poor high schooler who just got his license and thinks he can safely make that harrowing left turn will never know what hit him... if he somehow makes it through that turn, when the truck crests the hill past "Whitney West" and encounters the line of stopped cars turning into the school - well, we all know how that will turn out.
Donna Gail April 25, 2011 at 07:17 PM
Sorry Renee, I know I don't have any. If we get $200k in tax revenue from AMEC, that isn't going to affect our own tax bills much at all. And if they get a tax abatement for moving here & supposedly creating jobs, even that money will be a few years off. I have a feeling they'd end up hiring mostly people from out of town. A random garbage/recycling plant here and hair salon there aren't going to help ease our tax burdens. The focus needs to be on bringing business to industrial areas like Pepper St.


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