Readers' Choice Roundup: Winners from Our Towns

Here's a quick list of go-to tax preparers throughout Fairfied County, according to our Patch readers and users.

H&R Block won the Readers' Choice Award for who is the best preparer in Monroe. The following is the list of this past week's winners for Monroe and the rest of Fairfield County.

Congratulations to all:

Importantly, for posterity, businesses listed in our continuously updated online directories received dozens of reviews and ratings from local Patch users—information that we hope will inform future residents of our very unique towns and cities.

Next week, we’ll ask you for your recommendations on where to buy sporting goods: fishing and home gym equipment, running shoes, jungle gyms, swimming trunks—you name it.

Do you have a business that's not listed in your local Patch directory? If so, just email me, and we’ll get you in there: michaeld@patch.com.



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