Home Sales Picked Up at the End of May

Transfers from June and early July are coming soon.

On May 23, Justin and Thomas Lamott sold a condo at 63 Hidden Knolls Circle to Barbara Stokes for $85,000.

On May 24, Ross A. and Tina P. Barnes sold a house at 10 Cahill Road to Stuart K. Smith for $465,000.

On May 24, Kathryn N. Cullen sold a condo at 2 Echowoods Circle to Rosario Bacarella for $205,000.

On May 24, Pamela and David Williams sold a condo at 22 Field Rock Road to Maria and Pasquale Lungariello for $370,000.

On May 29, Virginia Cushing sold a house at 75 Harmony Lane to Adam Arnheim for $379,000.

On May 30, Joanne and Richard Mariani sold their house at 16 Underhill Road to Nancy and Sheldon Smith for $229,000.

On May 30, Cecelia M. and Charles A. Bertoni Jr. sold their house at 53 Field Rock Road to Deidre Elizabeth Gagen and Robert William Deitz for $435,500.

On May 30, the Estate of Marian Plescia sold a house at 2 Boot Shop Lane to Karsten Barlage for $350,000.

On May 31, Kristin and Anthony Babigian sold their house at 58 Field Rock Road to Garrett and Summer Kruger for $429,900.

monroe taxpayer July 13, 2012 at 03:06 AM
63 Hidden Knolls sold for $85,000 assessor total valuation $135,600 10 Cahill Rd sold for $465,000 assessor total valuation $497,100 2 Echo woods Cir sold for $205,000 assessor valuation $247,300 22 Field rock Rd sold for $370,000 assessor valuation $484,000 75 Harmony Ln sold for $379,000 assessor valuation $422,800 16 Under hill Rd sold for $229,00 assessor valuation $248,200 53 Field Rock Rd sold for $435,500 assessor valuation $463,500 2 Boot Shop Ln sold for $350,000 assessor valuation $371,800 58 Field Roch Rd sold for $429,900 assessor valuation $501,700
agnesjudy July 13, 2012 at 09:23 AM
This new 123 Refinance could serve as a lifeline for many of the 2 million homeowners in the US estimated to owe more than the value of their property
Chief Waldo July 13, 2012 at 05:03 PM
Correct. Property values tend to go down in a recession. They also go up during more prosperous times. That's why Connecticut requires revaluations every five years.
monroe taxpayer July 14, 2012 at 02:41 AM
How can at least a five year delay be correct? Does anyone know of any other tax state or federal that would accept your data from five years ago? Would be considered accurate or acceptable by anyone? We as citizens are expected to be accurate and current or else we are penalized So why is this five year delay acceptable on everyone's largest investment? It's clearly unfair to property owners when property values decrease(which they were already doing during the last reevaluation) and it unfair to town government when they increase. Before we had computers I can understand why this method would have to do. But with the technology and software we have had for many years property values could be updated yearly.. And in a state with some of the highest property taxes in the entire country it is simply amazing that this antiquated system is being portrayed as acceptable. It seems government and politicians are busy using its resources on all other issues exempt taxing homeowners accurately and fairly. Fairness and honesty in and by government should be a priority, not excused away and ignored. Isn't it about time some of our elected officials addressed this issue?
Chief Waldo July 14, 2012 at 03:46 AM
As a property owner in both Connecticut and North Carolina, I know that North Carolina allows up to eight years, and uses 100% assessment. As a result, it's not unusual to see properties in NC Real Estate advertisements proclaim "Listed for thousands under assessed value!" Connecticut uses 70% assessment hoping to address any drop in property values that may occur due to recession during the period between revaluations. Also, whether property values go up or down, it's never really "unfair" to the government. They have to raise a specific dollar amount through property taxes to fund the budget no matter. Either way - up or down - property taxes based upon assessed values are going to be "unfair" to some property owners, and "in favor" of others. Different properties appreciate or depreciate at different rates.


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