Three Properties Change Hands on March 27

A new house on Gay Bower Road sold, another was resold on Harvester Road, and a parcel of land changed hands on Roosevelt Drive.

Steiner Inc. sold a newly constructed house at 10 Gay Bower Road to Carol Re for $384,900 on March 27.

Marsha L. and Giovanni P. Florio sold a house at 100 Harvester Road to Mark R. Paradis for $322,500 on March 27.

Hundi Group LLC sold a lot at 241 Roosevelt Drive to Hendels Investors Co. for $920,000 on March 27.

monroe taxpayer March 30, 2012 at 08:33 PM
10 Gay Bower Rd is a new home. Develop able land was total assessment $109,000 (I find this interesting because my lot is smaller, not in such a nice location and assessed for far more)? It was sold for $384,900. 100 Harvester Rd Total valuation is $385,500 It sold for $322,500 241 Roosevelt Drive Commercial Develop able Land Total valuation of $890,000 It sold for $920,000.
monroe taxpayer March 31, 2012 at 04:48 PM
The last reevaluation was clearly incorrect. Property values were already declining and yet we were told our property values have increased. This data shows just how unfairly each property owner is being treated. Each and every taxpayer deserve to be treated and taxed accurately and fairly. This data shows just how much our tax bills vary from property to property and owner to owner all while ignoring the reality of size or location? Smaller parcels valued more then larger ones? It seems that anyone who points out how unfairly they are being taxed are just dismissed. It is easier then trying to explain this lack of reality of the tax bill. If we look at the recent water line extension issue, the employees responsible for this error are being excused and protected, while homeowners some of which were not even here at the time, are being held accountable? This lack of logic shows just what is wrong here. This idea that its either the "town" or the taxpayers is nonsense. The taxpayers are the town and should come first not last.
monroe taxpayer April 01, 2012 at 01:24 AM
How sad that we should hide from reality, rather then address our problems. I can not help but wonder what the future will be, if home values continue to fall. If you rub a penny long enough the copper wears away and zinc beneath is revealed.


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