Library's Annual Book Sale Needs Volunteers

First Selectman Steve Vavrek calls on volunteers to keep the annual fundraiser going.

To the Editor:

The Edith Wheeler Memorial Friends of the Library annual book sale is being held that Masuk HS cafe. By far the biggest of its kind in the region, the place was jumping today.

This year staff tells me, this event may not happen next year, due to a lack of consistent volunteers. Our town is mainly built on many volunteers hard work. I would hate to say it, but without your help, what is currently one of the library's biggest fundraisers — many programs are funded through this annual event — will be no more.

Please help. Please respond to my office or to [Library Dir.] Margaret [Borchers] directly.

Thank you

Stephen J. Vavrek

First Selectman

(203) 452-2821

Barney July 15, 2012 at 04:27 AM
Mr. vavrek be telling me that books and education not be mattering. This town be needing a hoe down to be raising money. Lets be getting the born and raised here farmers do a service. I be talking to mr.vavrek and he be saying education and book reading not be mattering. mr. vavrek be knowing that education lovers and book lovers are freaky folks. You should be supporting the normal thinking like mr. vavrek. The roads be mattering the books be for freaky hippies. Mr. Vavrek promised me a zero increase for the board of ed hippies and my head be bobbing up and down. Please support normal folk like mr. vavrek.


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