Readers Are Asked: Who's Pumping Gas in Monroe?

Monroe Facebook visitors were asked to share places to go for gas. Comments will be added throughout the day and you're welcome to add your own.

People in the region have been filling up their cars, trucks and SUVs and gassing up generators in the wake of Hurricane Sandy and it's led to some shortages. There have been reports of long lines at gas stations and of others who are tapped out and had to close.

Police Lt. Brian McCauley said Prushko's Shell station on Route 111 just had a fresh delivery of gas and has propane.

He also said the Mobil and Sunoco stations on Route 111 are open and that the Shell station on Main Street — near Purdy Hill Road — has gas and diesel.

Yesterday, WMNR Radio reported that the Mobil station at Route 25 and Purdy Hill was also open.

Monroe Facebook visitors were asked where people can go in town to fuel up. Here are some comments that were shared. Others will be added throughout the day and any useful information can also be shared in the Comments beneath this story.

Lisa Gondolfo Martino: All the stations on 111 are pumping!

Sue Heiney Wilgan: I got gas at Sunoco earlier this morning, but they only had Super and didn't know how much longer it would last.

Tanya Chockey: Power keeps going off and on but Sunoco on 25 has gas ice and exc

Dawn Booth Schmedlin: Knecht's on Rt.111 Trumbull was open.

Mary Poppins October 31, 2012 at 09:20 PM
The gas station on Main Street near chucks corner went up ten cents. I was somewhere today that had power and channel 12, which said the price of gas went down. Interesting.


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