Readers Share Info On What's Open in Monroe

Hurricane Sandy knocked out power to many town businesses leaving residents to wonder where they can go.

Most homeowners are still waiting for the lights to come back on, but businesses are also feeling Hurricane Sandy's wrath. Monroe residents venturing out for a bite to eat Tuesday flocked to places like Bill's Drive-In on Route 111 and Duchess on Main Street. Stop & Shop and Big Y were also open for grocery shopping along the turnpike.

WMNR Radio reported that the Shell and Mobil gas stations were open on Main Street, by Purdy Hill Road, and the Dunkin Donuts by that intersection and at Route 111 and Elm were serving customers.

Monroe Patch solicited input from readers on its Facebook page Tuesday night to gather information on what's open in town. Here's what people are saying. More info is welcome in the Comments.

Kara Coniglio Swezey: McDonald's, bill drive in Dairy Queen

Christine Peters: Marissa's in Trumbull and Sal e Pepe opens at 4:00 in Newtown.

Al Cascella: Big Y center and Stop& shop are open.

Jackie Corris Bunovsky: Purdy hill bakery is open. Tula is serving dinner starting at 6 pm.

Kimberly Maiden Jacovino Most businesses and gas stations on rt. 111 and home depot were open as of 2 hours ago.

Stephanie Ames: McGowen's Pizza Land, Century 21 Plaza with Big Y, Peking Tokyo, and CVS, Stop & Shop in Monroe to name a few.

Jim Winkler: Purdy Hill Bakery and Deli is open

Alex Chudy: Basically Everything in shelton on bpt ave is open

Cindy Renz LaBlanc: Home Depot is open.

Lilia Wills: My kitchen! Just cooked chicken, tortellini and garlicky cauliflower! I have not ventured out. I hear many places are opened, but no cleanup yet of the giant trees on my road.

Cindy Renz LaBlanc: Great idea to post this info here. THANK YOU!

Karen Allen: Anyone heard about the Lakewood Trumbull YMCA?

Wendy Cushing: Bill's, McDonald's, Subway, prety much everything on 111.

Nancy Socci-Sorge: McDonalds is open and union savings bank.

Christopher Laurence Cass: Most importantly .......the liquor store ( Glenro Spirit Shoppe ) is OPEN until 8pm

Jessica Gallo: Rite aid walgreens home depot all on 111

Genii Mallozzi: How is it that 111 always has power? But Barn Hill Rd is always out for a week? Do I sound bitter?

Mike Ganino: Bella Rosa's is open!

HairAttraction Designteam: HAIR ATTRACTION .. will be closed on wednesday do to power outage.Have a SAFE N FUN HALLOWEEN..!!??<3 Janine

Mary Ellen Stanton Genest: What is open on Rt. 25? Btw, when is the Monroe Diner due to open?

Regina Regina DeSimone: Jennie's restaurant is open both dining room and take out

Bullmastiff October 31, 2012 at 12:59 PM
How are we the only town currently at 100% without power!?!
John F. October 31, 2012 at 02:17 PM
Good question. I also want to know why I am getting more information from other town's selectmans and state reps about Monroe's status. Hovey better get going in representing us if she plans on being re_elected next week.
Lina Buzzelli and Anna Dora October 31, 2012 at 03:33 PM
Phils Hairstyling on Rt 111 is open for business!!!
Rapture October 31, 2012 at 08:01 PM
I'm not sure how Monroe is 100% out either; considering I'm in Monroe and only lost power for an hour total, while they fixed another section. I apologize to those that are out, but the quotes are obviously inaccurate and you really can't believe anything you hear or read from other town officials or our own.


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