You Can Help Send a Monroe Zoology Student to South Africa

Rachel German of Monroe, a high school senior with an interest in zoology, is using GoFundMe to try to raise $3,500 worth of donations, so she can spend four weeks in Phalaborwa, South Africa at the C.A.R.E. Baboon Sanctuary where she plans to volunteer.

The following is what she wrote on the GoFundMe website:

My name is Rachel German. This year I am a senior, as I progress through my last year in high school I have become very interested in zoology. In the summer of my junior year I even spent two weeks at Busch Gardens in Tampa, Florida participating in their zoo keeping program.

As a requirement for graduating high school I have to complete 20 hours with a mentor accomplishing a topic of my choice. I decided to work with Tracy Benham at the Beardsley Zoo in Bridgeport. Instead of spending my time over the summer at the beach or hanging out with my friends, I'm planning to continue pursuing my interest in zoology.

My plan is to spend four weeks in Phalaborwa, South Africa at the C.A.R.E. Baboon Sanctuary. Since 1989 the organization has accepted all wildlife into their sanctuary but they specialize in the care of primates, specifically, baby baboons.

As a volunteer at the reserve I would assist in the daily care and rehabilitation process of these loving animals. Volunteers at the reserve require patience, compassion and a calm demeanor, all qualities which I posses.

My goal amount for this trip is $3,500 which will cover the cost of 4 weeks of living on the reserve and a roundtrip airline ticket. Any amount donated is greatly appreciated and the link for the C.A.R.E website is located below. Thank you so much for you time and donations.http://www.enkosini.org/CAREBaboonSanctuary.htm


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