Spring Trends 2012

spring/summer trends

Today we are going to talk about 3 trends that will bring your current style to spring of 2012!  After visiting the two latest hairshows in NYC and in Atlantic city we have discovered many new trends that will be all the rage this spring going into summer.  One we found to be trending at this moment are big full eyebrows!! We are going to talk about maintenance and how to achieve the look.  The color orange in all forms, hair, clothing, and makeup is also very in right now.  The last trend we will bring to you is florals!  Florals in hair, clothing and accesories!!

Big Bushy Brows:  When we say big bushy brows we dont mean unruly, funky, out of sink eyebrows but we do mean full, maintained, and beautiful brows.  The fuller look is in this year of 2012.  Full brows means thicker towards the nose with a perfect arch and color to dye for.  By dye for we mean a prominent color brow which can be achieved two ways. One way to achieve a great color is to litterally dye your brows one shade darker then the tint that you color your hair or of your natural hair.  The other way to achieve colored brows is to pencil, shadow, or color gel them in.  This can be done very easily with makeup pencils, shadows and gels that trace along your natural brow shape.  I personally do both the dye and the makeup because the more prominent the brow the more trendy you are.  To maintain brows, regular waxing, tweezing or threading should be done once a month.  Color on brows can be done once every two months. 

Orange:  I love love love orange.  Orange clothing, orange makeup, and orange hair colors are all the rage right now!  When I say Orange I mean all shades for Orange from corals to coppers.  The biggest of all right now are Orange lips!!  I personally own Revlon's Tangerine shade and I am constantly being complimented.  You can also try orange shadows, orange cheeks, and orange lips as far as makeup goes.  Make sure you only do one and not all three we wouldnt want you looking like a clown now.  For those of you that are more daring try the deeper orange shades and for those of you less daring go for the corals.  Either way you will still be right in with the times.  As far as clothing goes anything will work; dresses, pants, shirts.  Also this is something you do not want to over kill.  Try an orange dress with a nude shoe.  You can also try an orange pant with a white tank or oversized doloman.  Two much orange will have you looking like a big pumkin and we wouldnt want that!! As far as orange hair goes we love coppers and golden blondes which hightlight the orange tones.  Ask your stylist if this is something you wish to try so they can pick out the right shade for you and I know you will be in love!!

Florals:  Florals are all over the place now!  I am loving them.  I currently own 3 dresses and a pair of sunglasses that have a floral design to them.  Floral looks good on everyone.  If you are more funky like me (Anna) you can try a pair of cat eye floral which I purchased from the store ICING.  You can also try a big flower accessory like a hairclip!!  This can make you look very sping/summer and cute all at the same time.  If you are more conservative there are so many dresses that you would just love that have such like patterns.  Just remember floral is a busy pattern when wearing dresses make sure you pair it with a solid shoe.  Florals can be dressy and casual so plan on incoorperating it into your next social event whether big or small and your freinds will be asking you for advice!!   

Remember to always try something new to perk you up! It feels good to look good!- My own personal saying!

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