Fred Acker Animal Cruelty Arrest

Finally they arrest Acker for animal cruelty.

Kudos to Animal Control Officer Judy Umstead of Bethlehem, Conn. for doing something that the State Animal Control Department should have done years ago.

That is, put Fred Acker and his SPCA "rescue organization" out of business. (Click here to read related article.)

As an animal control officer for 30 years, I became aware of Fred Acker during the early 90s in Stratford where he was attempting to set up shop. I personally ran him out of Stratford because I felt at that time that he was a scam artist who had no interest at all in animal welfare but was out to make a quick buck.

He states to Channel 8 news that he has placed 360 dogs in three days. Actually he SOLD 360 dogs in three days for a fee of $350 per dog. That amounts to, if my math is correct and you can check me on this, $105,000. Nice work if you can get it.

He obtains most of these dogs from "puppy mills" in the South for next to nothing and then has them transported to Connecticut. While he was in Monroe for many years (he claims 13 years) he was cited many times by local and state ACOs.

The problem was he was only charged with OPERATING AN ILLEGAL PET SHOP, issued an infraction summons which he could pay by mail, and added those fines to his cost of doing business.

He used the name SPCA which can be misunderstood for or mistaken for, ASPCA an animal rights and rescue group, headquartered in New York City, which was founded 145 years ago for the protection of draft horses that were being overworked and abused by their owners.

I'm sure many people who purchased dogs from Acker thought that he was affiliated with ASPCA and therefore a legitimate rescue group. I feel that along with animal cruelty, he should be charged with fraud, and after being found guilty, shoud be fined, given jail time, and ordered not to possess any more "pets" in the state of Connecticut.

Additionally, I feel he should be investigated for income tax evasion both state and federal. Anyone who feels the same as I do should contact the Animal Control Division in Hartford, and demonstrate and picket any and all of Acker's court appearances. Again, congratulations to Officer Umstead and although it's early in the year, I would like to nominate her for Animal Control Officer of the Year.

M.H. Griffin -- Chief Municipal Animal Control Officer (RET.) Stratford, Ct.

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Shirley B. Backus November 30, 2013 at 10:18 PM
Thank you! I believe that, instead of forbidding pet shops to sell puppies and kittens, they should be required, by law, to report any suspected animal abuses- either from the condition of the animals they receive, or by complaints from customers. In this way we will have another important tool in finding and closing abusive breeders. If we can't find them, we can't put them out of business. Pet shops could be our eyes and ears in the same way that social workers, teachers and anybody else who works with children are required to report suspected child abuse. If more people had reported Acker's abuses, he would have been out of business long ago!
Ralph Crozier December 21, 2013 at 12:33 PM
hey all you idiots and unbelievably bigoted fools acker was found not negligent by the civil judge who ordered 45 dogs returned judy umstead appealed now the judge has the case in the criminal court want to bet regardless of your uninformed opinions he will be found innocent judy seized siberian huskys claiming they were cold whos the fool? there are 65 dogs that have lived without love for 15 months in dog pounds thank to the misguided agenda of judy the town of bethlehem at 15$ a day owes the other towns now 400,000$ wow what genius arent those dogs soooo better off???? acker is NO KILL are you?
Debbie December 21, 2013 at 03:24 PM
@ Ralph Crozier....No dogs were ordered given back to him.The ruling was for the small dogs vs big dogs.( Regardless of size,they all were affected by the cold conditions.) I find it very interesting that as Acker's lawyer you are not comprehending the ruling.If your post with it's lack of punctuation and capitalization is any indication of the kind of lawyer you are,he is in even more trouble.The dogs have been living in warm conditions with food and care.More than they would have/did get in a cold barn.Oh,but then again,they would have been sold already for close to $400.00 each.If you truly believe that Acker will be found innocent ,then you are delusional as he is.Good luck Acker with this "LAWYER"of yours.
Debbie January 17, 2014 at 10:49 AM
http://www.countytimes.com/ Frederick Acker Found Guilty of 15 Counts of Animal Cruelty in Litchfield Court Published: Thursday, January 16, 2014
Debbie January 24, 2014 at 11:17 AM
Shirley B.Backus- Ackers kennel manager is now the director of the facility!!Susan Fernandez.Good way to keep things running in the same despicable way.This "SPCA" name is such a play off of a good organization-ASPCA. He was sentenced to 6 mos,suspended sentence and $15,000.00 fine.and 2 years probation.We can only hope,since I do not know,that the 2 year probation includes NO contact with or selling of animals.


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