DTC Chairman Defends Malloy & Himes

To the Editor:

Mr. Weinberg is correct, there is a schism in the Republican Party and it is not just perceived, but actual. The Tea Party faction of the Republican with 60+ members in the US House and several members in the US Senate have hijacked their party and moved it drastically toward the right — the American people and Connecticites have not followed. Losing the presidency twice as well as a twenty year governorship as well as all Constitutional and Congressional offices in Connecticut is hard evidence.

But all of these election wins have occurred for good reason and Democrats who have won have showed why they people elected them to these offices. When Governor Malloy took office in January 2011 Connecticut’s unemployment rate was 9.3%, as of November 2013 it stands at 7.6%.

The Governor inherited a state budge with a $2,000,000,000 structural deficit and we know now that the State of Connecticut will end its fiscal year in the black with a surplus. The Governor and State Legislature have enacted important fiscal and social reforms over the past three years including: Election Day Registration and no-excuse absentee voting to expand the opportunities of all people eligible to vote, bringing Connecticut’s fiscal house in order in the short-term with more work to be done in the long-term but on the right path, and most importantly shrinking State government by eliminating over a dozen redundant state agencies.

Moreover, Politico recently ranked the States of our Union. The top 10 – of which Connecticut is a member – consists of 7 states with Democratic Governors while overall there are 29 Republican Governors nationwide. The measurements for this study came from the Census, CDC and FBI, among others, and included “important factors such as high school graduation rates, per capita income, life expectancy and crime rate."

Jim Himes won his seat in Congress representing Connecticut’s 4th 2008 with 52%, in 2010 with 53% and in his most recent election, 2012, garnering 60% of the vote – including winning Monroe as well as 11 of the other 17 municipalities comprising of the CT’s 4th.

This is not a fluke. Jim Himes has been a conscientious, thoughtful and independent leader while in Congress and the voters clearly see that. His work on the Financial Services committee compliments his real-life experience as an executive with a large banking firm and his dedication to the citizens of the 4th.

Jim supported the Making Work Pay Tax Credit, the First-time Homebuyer Tax Credit, adjustments to the AMT and new residential energy tax credits, tax cuts for business, cosponsors on bills such as: Restoring Main Street Investor Protection and Confidence Act, Investing in Innovation for Education Act and the Cure for AIDS Act.

The Democratic Party will continue to win elections in Connecticut with cerebral, hard-working and caring leaders such as Jim Himes at the helm of our government. Jim Himes continues to improve our government, have new ideas and lead Connecticut into the ever-changing 21st is a prosperous and popular state that will only continue to flourish and grow. 

Nicholas Kapoor
Monroe Democratic Party, Chairman
Al W January 27, 2014 at 01:19 PM
Nicholas, you did not address Mr. Weinberg's point, which was that while there is a schism in the Republican party, the Democrat party has closed ranks behind it's most left wing, income redistributing elements. Rep. Himes is complicit with this. Saying he is independent does not make it so. And, we all know Gov. Malloy's position on taxes and spending.
Bob MacGuffie January 27, 2014 at 08:58 PM
Nicholas, you defy either logic or the facts in each paragraph. We'll just take a few for illustration: 1. As Finance Chair of the DCCC Jim Himes holds one of the most partisan political positions in Washington. He owes his committee assignments to Nancy Pelosi and votes hard Left with her on EVERY vote that matters. 2. CT ranks last or near last on every ranking of the states on taxes, debt, jobs and business friendliness, as well as being ranked the worst managed state in the union by Baron's. 3. If you believe the "surplus" is real you must also believe in Peter Pan - it's all contrived and it's in print for all those willing to look. 4. Unemployment at 7.6% is a result of tons of people leaving the work force. Do you really believe we're only 2.6% away from "full employment" as traditionally pegged at 5%?? Actual figure is closer to 12%. Democrat positioning of the above case is comprised of half-truths, smoke, mirror reflections, misdirection and misrepresentation. It's designed to mislead low-info voters to get past the next election. The reckoning is coming and you Liberals will reap your just desserts.................


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