'Anything is Possible in This Election'

A look at the day's comments from Patch account holders in the region.

5 Steps to A Dream Volunteer Gig 

“Nothing is stronger than the will and desire of a volunteer.” –

Poll Shows McMahon, Obama Ahead in Connecticut 

“Anything is possible in this election. CT is not the Democratic-predominant state as it was in the past. There is a new generation of unaffiliated voters who actually make up the majority in CT.” -

Staples Runner Hit by Car During Team Run, Hospitalized   

“Even with stepped up enforcement...these accidents will continue to happen. Students and main roads are not a healthy mix. No parient wants their children in harms way. Let's find a cost effective way to bus our kids safely.” -

Mother Grateful for Help After Son Falls Face First at Bus Stop

“It's so nice to see people actually appreciate and acknowledge other people.” -

“So the guy loses his home, his kids, can't see or write to them, and the police can't discover any traumatic event that could have triggered this event? Score another dead man for the Danbury family court.” -

Creating A Butterfly Oasis

“If everyone devoted even just a small space in their yard for this, it would add so much.” –


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