Food Fight: Buffalo Chicken's the MacDaddy of 'Em All

The Buffalo Chicken wins a readers poll of MacDaddy's Macaroni & Cheese Bar's best dishes.

puts its own spin on macaroni and cheese, serving a variety of creative dishes in an iron skillet to patrons of the Main Street eatery. Among the combinations is one that includes chicken, blue cheese dressing, celery sticks and a tangy sauce.

"The Buffalo Chicken started as a special, but it's now going to be part of the regular menu," said owner Robert Dunn. "It's one of our three hottest sellers."

The Mac Buffalo Chicken won a this week asking visitors to Monroe Patch what their favorite dish is at MacDaddy's.

The poll pitted the Buffalo Chicken against the Mac Pulled Pork and The MacDaddy, which lost by three votes. One dish not included in the poll that received a write-in vote in the Comments was the Mac French Onion.

Dunn is planning on adding more new creations to the menu soon and he encourages people to become fan's of MacDaddy's Facebook page to receive regular news on his business.

"Get updates on our Spring Mac & Cheese Bash," he said. "We're going to have a band and rock it out."

missy cole March 17, 2012 at 11:27 AM
Ate there a couple of times and every time it is excellent. Who would ever have thought mac and cheese could be so good. The people taking your order as well could not have been nicer. They took the time to explain each dish. After talking about this place to my co-workers in Stamford I had requests to bring them lunch the following day. All felt the same way about how delicious the food was. The pulled pork won for most, however, I prefer the goat cheese dish. Great place for all!


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