'I Couldn't Agree More with Mr. Kapoor'

Board of Education member Mark Antinozzi agrees on the need to end partisan politics in Monroe.

To the Editor:

While my unsolicited opinion sometimes draws cringes from my associates, I couldn't agree more with Mr. Kapoor.

The problem, as I see it, is not that Republicans and Democrats have different agendas for the town, but instead a history of distrust and mudslinging has affected decisions and is the root of the evil. To make my case, I have witnessed times during Town Council meetings when I've half expected a scenario resembling the chaos displayed during recent Italian Parliamentary fracases.

What all us elected members forget is that we represent all the citizens of our town; this includes the wealthy and the struggling, the elderly and the young families, and the ill as well as the healthy. We should work together, not as separate entities whose opinions are valued greater than others.

Mr. Kapoor has me listed as a Republican. While I believe in conservative values, I believe myself more of an Independent (until I had to register with one of the parties in order to be nominated to serve). As such, I believe I have the ability to think more out-of-the-box regarding party differences.

I can say equitably that every member of either political party I've meet has the best interests of the town in mind. They are good, honest people some of which have been brainwashed into the fiction that the other party is out-to-get-them.  For example, I know of an individual who had the audacity to change parties, and was ostracized and “labeled” a turncoat as a result. He did not become Communist, or Maoist, but merely a member of a different political party.

I believe Mr. Kapoor has a good concept in mind where more minority representation is evident in the leadership of the various boards and committees. I am pleased to see him taking the first step.

Now, it is up to the Republicans to join the discussion, with the First Selectman taking leadership. I think the time for partisan politics should cease in Monroe. We have too many issues requiring undivided support necessary to bring successful completion.

Mark Antinozzi,

Board of Education Member


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