'I Need a Beer and a Cigar to Digest This!'

The day's best comments from Patch account-holders in our Fairfield County towns.

FAIRFIELD: "That is where I go! Helpful and informed sales staff. Easy in and out and reasonably priced. Plus they are a nice group of people!"  wrote this about , which won this week's Reader's Choice poll for .

MONROE: "It’s easy to complain about what the other party did until someone notices that your party hasn’t done anything at all." This comment was written by in response to put forward by the House Republican Majority, which will cut non-discretionary defense spending.

NEWTOWN: "Isn't it funny that when we don't want to spend money on the schools with our taxes, 'the parents are the most important part of education, anyway,' but when we are arguing not to spend money on improving teacher salaries and work conditions, 'It's all the teachers' fault that our children aren't getting a good enough education?'" wrote this in response to news that the .

RIDGEFIELD: "I need a BEER and a CIGAR to digest THIS!!!!" wrote this in response to news the state House of Representatives approved on Thursday night

WILTON: "As long as the town continues to hand the BOE a blank check by blindly voting yes, the BOE will have no incentive to make sure that the students benefit rather than the administrators." wrote this in response the


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