Moms Talk Q&A: Any Good Teacher Stories?

Share stories about the town's best teachers

Let's share some good news/success stories of Monroe's teachers. Of course there are a few bad apples and teachers whom many moms feel should've retired years ago, but there are also so many newly hired and "seasoned" teachers whom are the best! It would be nice to share personal stories.

Tell us yours in the Comments:

Karen Kovacs Dydzuhn April 07, 2011 at 01:21 AM
Let's see...there is Mrs. Quinn, my daughter's first grade teacher at Monroe El. At the end of the day, students could choose between receiving a hug, handshake or 'high-five'! Aside from being warm and friendly, Mrs. Quinn also instilled a love of reading in my little one. I really like her second grade teacher, Mrs. Fensore, too. As our kids get older, it seems like they're expected to know more--and know it quickly--thanks to state testing requirements. I feel that Mrs. Fensore gets it all done--the curriculum is covered, even with all of the snow days--and yet I never felt like my daughter was rushed or stressed. Perhaps this is what comes from seasoned professionals...doing the job that they know so well. At the middle school, I've also met many 'new' teachers who are enthusiastic and obviously passion about the kids and their subjects. This kind of attitude is exciting for parents to see on "Back to School" night in the fall. I remember thinking last year that I wish I was in my son's classes. Now, almost six months months later, I bet some of them also wish that they were teaching me rather than him. :)


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