'Privatizing Public Radio Sounds Like a Great Idea'

A look at some of the comments from Patch account holders in the region.

Cops: Driver Slept, Beer in Hand, Gear in Drive

“Wow! Don't people know what cup holders are for anymore? And it's not even a good beer! Corona?” -

“Really, what the heck is up with people in Fairfield County? Since moving up here from NY, I love a lot about the place, but I have noticed an usually high incidence of DUI/DWI behavior just driving between Darien and New Canaan.” –

Half Full Brewery Hopes to Give Stamford a Completely Full Experience

“I never realized that Stamford had a ‘beer scene’ but this sounds like a fun place and I love start up entrepreneur type stories. If the venture is successful I hope that the ownership recognizes that they could not have done it without the help of Obama or the Federal Government. I wish them much success!” -

WLAD The Voice of Danbury, Silent..................

“Privatizing public radio sounds like a great idea.” –

Milford Billboard Calling Obama an 'Entry Drug to Socialism' Creates Friction

“If they have to take it down, can they come and put it back up on my front lawn?” –

“America can rise to the same great glory. We just need to work together and be led by people whose main goal is to make America the best place to live for everyone who lives here.” -

Volunteers Find Body Matching Description of Missing Man

“Dave Riek was a man with a great smile, warm laugh and a loving tight knit family. RIP, my friend.” –


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