What Do You Think of Plans for a Gas Station On Route 111? [POLL]

The Monroe side of Route 111 has Shell, Cross Hill Service, Gulf, Sunoco and Mobil. Then there is the large Exxon gas station on the Trumbull side.

There is one 0.55 mile stretch of Monroe Turnpike where one would have to be penniless to run out of gas. Traffic passes by five gas stations: Shell, Cross Hill Service, Gulf, Sunoco and Mobil. Keep going and there's a giant Exxon station across the border in Trumbull.

Now Monroe Gas LLC plans to build a new five-bay gas station at 528 Monroe Turnpike, right next to the Shell station.

Many opinions have been shared under a Patch story on Tuesday's Architectural Review Board meeting.

Some may welcome the convenience of a five-bay station or hope to benefit from lower (not as high?) gas prices from increased competition. But others have argued that the last thing Route 111 needs is another gas station.

Yet others believe property owners should be able to build whatever they want to, so long as their plans meet wetlands and zoning regulations — regardless of public opinion.

What do you think? Participate in our poll.

Jenna January 13, 2012 at 11:22 PM
Christine, You were talking about mom and pop shops earlier and I assume that's what you own and if not then my apologies. You might do great in a town like Monroe because you're a small shop but we weren't talking about mom and pop shops we were talking about Large Chain restaurants and shop. So you can call my BS all day but if you think that an Outback Steakhouse or a Bob's Clothing Store is going to do business like to do in Shelton, Milford, or Bridgeport your dead wrong. A large chain store and small mom and pop stores can both make a profit but they both make it in different areas. Mom and pop shops don't do as good in area's such as Bridgeport and Chain stores don't do good in area's such as Monroe. Large chain stores look to do business in an area that already has similar store structures; they already know that there is business in the area so they don't need to worry whether or not they will make a profit.
jiminycricket January 14, 2012 at 01:43 AM
People from Shelton, Derby, Monroe, and Trumbull...and even, perhaps people from the rte. 34 side of Newtown!
Christine E. January 14, 2012 at 03:43 AM
when you stated "businesses" do not open here, it was a vague statement in which you didn't specify what type of businesses you were talking about. I never stated whetther or not I think big box retailers or chains would do well here. I just said 'if they were interested in monroe, lack of sewers is a deterrent.
Jenna January 14, 2012 at 04:06 AM
Actually you said " As far large chain restaurants, they generally attract far more patrons than local mom and pop businesses. How many times have we heard of septic issues at establishments in Monroe? Who really wants to deal with that? Developers sure don't. If Monroe wants business, this sewer thing needs to happen." To which I replied "Large chain restaurants may attract many customers, however if you think about it; how often do you really use the bathroom when you go out to eat?" And then I continued to talk about large businesses. I thought it was pretty clear cut based on your responses.
Christine E. January 14, 2012 at 04:18 AM


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