Property Values and Education

Property values are linked to education and both have drastically suffered under the current administration.

The housing market in Monroe is dropping while our neighboring towns of Trumbull and Shelton are rising. Monroe has experienced price reductions compared to our neighbors. For example the per square foot price of a Monroe home has dropped over the last two years while the price of a home in Trumbull and Shelton has increased.

According to statistics from the Board of Realtors, Monroe property values have dropped from $168 per square foot to $161 while Trumbull in the same time frame went up from $200 per square foot to $203 and Shelton went from $170 to $182.

What is keeping young families from moving to Monroe? Anybody in real estate will tell you that people buy homes based in large part upon the quality of schools. The fact is property values are linked to education and both have drastically suffered under the current administration.

As student classroom ratios rise, a school system becomes less desirable and families begin to look elsewhere. Home buyers with growing families are focused in on finding the best school district for their children's education.

The overall trend during the Vavrek administration has been cuts to services, programs, and instruction. I believe in protecting the quality of our school system, not with a blank check, but by advocating for austere budgets which keep core programs in place.

Make no mistake, I am a moderate when it comes to fiscal matters. But we have seen two years of extreme cuts that are not only hurting the school system but also causing our property values to go down. Many will respond by saying that dollars do not directly equate to quality and I agree. Yet, lack of dollars year in and year out lead to no other outcome but a steady decline in quality. I believe in the adage about being penny wise and pound foolish.

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Ron October 26, 2011 at 05:17 PM
Q- It is a wonder that anyone would run for First Selectman in this town. It is impossible to win here. Raise budgets and citizens get mad. Don't raise budgets and citizens get mad. Petty politics everywhere. Some even criticize family photos. You deserve what you get.
QWERTY October 26, 2011 at 06:14 PM
Wasn't criticizing the photo, more like pointing out a conflict. List two children, photo only one. Not sure why, don't really care, was just obvious to me.
Christine E. October 26, 2011 at 09:57 PM
You can't even compare some of these towns to Monroe. Ridgefield, Wilton, New Canaan, Weston and Darien? With the exception of Weston, they all have typical New England "downtowns" littered with small businesses and foot traffic, not to mention that the multitude of multi-million dollar homes helps to keep the mill low. I will point out though, that geographically Ridgefield is vastly similar to Monroe in that it does not have a highway that runs to it. That's really the only comparison I can make.
Get Real November 06, 2011 at 06:02 PM
Ms. Kansky, I have serious concerns about your leadership backbone. For example your naïve and ill-informed statements in support of Monroe Education are upsetting. How can you support the bloated BOE administration? Every principal had added ridiculous staff to ensure they do not have to do any work. Teachers wages go up every year for what? Their guaranteed wage escalator at twice the Cost of living must come to an end. Will you challenge the BOE to fight the union contracts and the wage escalator’s stranglehold over us. There has never been a democrat that has reduced property taxes. Will you be the first? You hype Vavrek tax and spend record which I agree with you is very abusive to the residents, but you fail to state on the record you will reduce our tax burden. Will you work for a regional approach to DPW, police, fire and Ed. You know as well as I do that our police staff is grossly overstaffed for the pop of Monroe (should be 1 FTE for every 1,000 residents). NO ONE WANTS TO MOVE TO MONORE. MONROE has abused it residents with wasteful spending for years. Will you stand up with backbone against the overpaid teachers union, overstaffed police, and bloated Ed admin staff. Are you going to cut taxes? I doubt it. No democrat has ever before, why are you different.
Ron November 06, 2011 at 06:33 PM
Connecticut is a state of small towns which have consistently and almost unaniously rejected regionalization.Get Real will support regionalization of police...until the day the police are slow to respond to one of his calls. One full time employee per 1,000 citizens? How about going back to the days of one constable? Why have running water in the schools? Eliminate school buses. I'll bet in your day, GR, you walked ten miles uphill both ways to get to and from school.


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