Thief Steals Tip, Charity Money from Lake Zoar Drive-In

Officers responded to a petty theft, another pellet shooting and an animal cruelty complaint.

Thief at the Drive-In

On Tuesday morning, a cashier at the Lake Zoar Drive-In on Route 34 noticed a woman leaning over the counter and acting suspiciously, before swiping dollar bills from the tip jar, according to police. The woman reportedly left when the employee confronted her.

Then a customer told the cashier he saw the woman stealing quarters from a charity board that was also on the counter, police said.

The employee describes the woman as "white" and "chubby" and told officers she left in a silver Mercedes with no rear plate and was heading toward Oxford. Police said law enforcement from surrounding towns were notified to avail.

The incident took place at around 10:11 a.m.

Window Shot Out

Police said a 52-year-old Pastors Walk resident told them he was watching TV at 12:25 a.m. on June 29 when he heard glass break. The window light, a small glass pane by the front door, had shattered and there was a hole in the sheetrock of the wall beside it, according to the report.

An officer dug out a .177 caliber bb that had been fired from a pellet gun. Another pellet gun shooting was reported the same day when the driver's side window of a 2005 Jeep Liberty parked on Guinea Road was shattered.

Lt. Brian McCauley said, "If anybody sees anything suspicious, please call us."

Animal Cruelty Alleged

At approximately 2:33 Wednesday afternoon, someone told police that a family shopping at the Goodwill Store at 574 Monroe Turnpike left a small white dog in their 2005 Chevrolet on the hot day with the windows all the way up.

The officer contaced the pet owner, who said the family was only inside the store for a minute or two, but the person who reported it told police it was closer to 15 minutes.

Monroe Animal Control gave the dog owner a verbal warning.

Animal Control Officer Ed Risko , because the inside heats up to temperatures significantly higher than the outside and can result in either brain damage or even the death of a pet.

Dispute at the Pump

A 49-year-old Maple Road woman paid cash to fill her gas tank at the Shell station on 133 Main Street Wednesday afternoon, but told police she noticed she was being charged for the credit price of $4.03 per gallon, which is higher than cash purchases.

When she went inside and asked to be reimbursed, she said the attendant told her there was nothing the gas station could do about it, according to the report.

Police said the disgruntled customer recorded the incident with them and intends to follow up with a Consumer Protection complaint.


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