A DUI Arrest with a Loaded Gun on Main Street

Police charged a Bridgeport man with carrying a firearm while under the influence.

The following information was supplied by the Monroe Police Department. No arrested person is guilty until so judged in a court of law.

Police said an officer made a DUI arrest on Main Street on April 21 and found a loaded gun in the vehicle.

Michael Lefebvre, 47 of Folino Drive in Bridgeport was charged with DUI and carrying a firearm while under the influence. He was released on $1,000 bond for an April 30 court date.

According to the report, an officer monitoring traffic on Main Street at around 5:15 p.m. on April 21 was approached by a witness who said a white SUV heading south on Route 25 was driving erratically through Newtown and in Monroe.

The officer spotted and followed the SUV for approximately one mile and observed it crossing the fog line on the right shoulder four times and traveling on the center line twice, police said, adding the officer stopped the vehicle two-tenths of a mile north of Judd Road.

When the officer approached the SUV, police said the driver raised his arms above his head and then dropped them.

"His behavior was erratic and he kept raising and lowering his hands," Lt. Brian McCauley said. "The officer observed a black object under the steering wheel and ordered him to place his hands on the steering wheel and he complied."

When the officer asked the driver, Michael Lefebvre, why he was nervous and if he had anything in the vehicle, police said he told the officer he had a gun under the steering wheel — a Smith & Wesson .380 with a full magazine in place.

The officer secured the weapon and asked Lefebvre for his license and pistol permit — which was also run and found to be valid, registration and insurance card, according to police.

Police said Lefebvre was shaking and having difficulty obtaining the paper work. When the officer asked him if he had been drinking alcohol he said no, police said, but added that Lefebvre's eyes were glassy and blood shot and the officer observed two open cases of beer on the back seat and asked Lefebvre again if he had been drinking — and he said no again.

Field sobriety tests determined Lefebvre was under the influence leading to his arrest and breath test results at police headquarters showed blood alcohol levels over the legal limit, police said.

Bob Loblaw April 25, 2013 at 02:45 PM
Sounds dangerous, where are the comments about how the police sit in their cars in fire department driveways, or the links to how over paid they are when an article like this or the one with the crashed taurus with career criminals and their shot guns hits the patch?? Why do people only make comments like that about SRO's or when an officer leaves town?
Christine E. April 25, 2013 at 03:50 PM
The only issue here is that this man was under the influence. He had a valid permit and he is allowed to have a firearm in his car. He was also seemingly forthcoming with the officer about the firearm, and did not lie about having it in the vehicle. But we all know by previous posts of yours, Bob, that you understand very little about the legalities of firearms.
Bob Loblaw April 25, 2013 at 05:03 PM
My comment was about how some people only have the guts to put down police officers on articles related to budget issues. The officers did a fine job and no one comments on it, yet they take pot shots at them posting links about how over paid they are, or how they sit around in their cars etc... But since you want to make it a gun issue.... How would you have liked to be rear ended by someone under the influence who might then be more apt to fly into road rage and use the loaded weapon?
Bob Loblaw April 25, 2013 at 05:22 PM
If it makes you happy I thought of a few other recent articles not incvolving guns that the people who take cheap shots at them could have commented on. Helping f.d. remove a man from a burning building, chasing another criminal who endangered their lives over water picks, or the many times they start oxygen on a patient before EMS arrives etc... My comment was not intended to be about guns.


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