A Opossum Hides Under a Car, a Bat Flutters in the Attic

Animal Control mostly went to the dogs over the past week.

Most of Monroe Animal Control's calls over the past week involved barking and roaming dog complaints. Here's the rest:

An Opossum in Hiding

An opossum sighting was reported on Monroe Turnpike at around 11:32 a.m. on Dec. 5. A witness told an animal control officer that the animal hid under a car, until people left the area. Watching from a distance, the officer saw the opossum crawl out from under the car and it appeared normal and healthy, according to the report.

Animals Fighting in the Woods

An Oak Ridge Road man reported hearing animals fighting in the woods at 5:48 p.m. on Dec. 4. An officer searched the area, but was unable to locate the source of the noise.

Name That Spider

A Blanket Meadow Road resident texted the photo of a spider seen on the resident's property to Monroe Animal Control Officer Ed Risko asking him to identify it on Dec. 3. (Photo included with this article)

Risko believes it could be a Funnel-Web Grass Spider.

A Bat in the Attic

An Admiral Drive resident reported a bat in the attic on Dec. 4.

Stray Cat Injured

A Ripton Ridge Road resident who has been feeding a stray cat told Monroe Animal Control Nov. 30 that the animal has an injury of an unknown origin. Police believe it was caused by a scratch or a bite.

An officer issued a Rabies Protocol Advisory and told the homeowner to take the cat to a veterinarian for treatment of the wound, keep the cat in strict confinement for six months (because its vaccination status is unknown), then vaccinate it immediately.

A Generous Donation

Monroe Animal Control expresses its gratitude to the Slingo family for its donation of 16 pounds of dry dog food on Dec. 2.

Raccoon Hit By Car

An officer collected the carcass of a 25-pound female raccoon Dec. 4 after it had been struck by a vehicle in the 500-block of Elm Street.

Alex December 11, 2012 at 08:12 PM
Picture is blurry so its hard to tell, but if the spider had a white stripe on its butt, it was likely a Parson Spider, especially for this time of year. They are a non-venomous house spider and are usually pretty good for eating insects. It would be odd to see a Grass Spider indoors (looks indoor?) if that was the species.


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