Animal Reports: A Baby Boa? No Just a Milk Snake

A Polish Lowland Sheepdog was trapped in Shelton after being reported missing more than two months ago, a dog attacked another, Snapping Turtle Month is coming, a raccoon got stuck in a trash can ...

That's No Baby Boa

A Hemlock Lane family who found a snake at approximately 9:54 a.m. on May 13 thought it was a baby Boa Constrictor, but an Animal Control officer identified it as an adult Milk Snake (See Photo).

A resident had tried to feed the snake a mouse, but Animal Control Officer Edward Risk said the 24-inch-long snake eats insects. A Milk Snake is also not poisonous. It was released.


Dog Lived in the Wild

Lacey, a Polish Lowland Sheepdog reported missing from its Pastors Walk home on March 11, had been living in the wild for over two months, according to Monroe Animal Control. The dog was captured in a live trap in Shelton and returned home on Mother's Day. (See Photo)


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'Snapping Turtle Month'

A snapping turtle found in a parking lot at 447 Purdy Hill Road at 11:26 a.m. on May 16 was captured and released in a location that is safe from traffic, according to police.

More sightings should soon be expected, because June is known as "Snapping Turtle Month", a time when female turtles leave the water and travel several miles on land, so they can lay their eggs. The turtles then return to the water.

Monroe Animal Control Officer Edward Risko said another officer once referred to it as "Roving Speed Bumps" month after the accidents involving vehicles and turtles crossing the road.

Check out two photos of snapping turtles with this article.


Two Rabbit Orphans

Two wild, baby rabbits found in a yard on Lynn Drive May 15 turned out to be orphans. The young animals were removed and taken to a Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection licensed wildlife rehabilitator.


Homing Pigeon Takes a Breather

A large, banded Homing Pigeon was seen sitting on a back porch on Jockey Hollow Road on May 15 at 7:17 p.m.

Monroe Animal Control said the bird dropped out of the flock and normally would rest for a few days before regaining its strength and continuing on its journey.


Beaver Hit by Vehicle

A beaver was struck and killed while crossing Fan Hill Road May 16. Police said the carcass of the 40-pound male was removed from the roadway.


Trapping the Wrong Animal

A landlord set up a live trap for woodchucks on a Monroe Turnpike property, but the tenant told police on May 11 that it had ensnared a raccoon by mistake.

An officer showed the tenant how to use the trap and to release non-target animals. The raccoon appeared healthy and was released on the property, according to the report.


Raccoon Stuck in a Trash Can

A raccoon rummaging for food in someone's garbage Webb Circle got stuck in a trash container, according to a report on May 11. The animal was released on the property and the officer recommended that the homeowner purchase garbage containers with secure lids.


Raccoon Activity

Raccoon activity was seen on Garder Road May 14. An Animal Control officer determined it was routine behavior. A raccoon public service announcement on common cautions was provided.

A similar incident was reported on Oak Wood Drive the same day.

When a raccoon is seen in the daytime there is concern that it may have rabies, which can be deadly to humans. Animal control officers come out to determine if the animals are healthy.


Coyotes Eye Small Dog

Two coyotes seen on a hill overlooking a yard on Verna Road on May 10, were looking at the homeowner who was standing on the back deck with his small dog. He was concerned that there may be a den nearby.

Officers could not find the animals. But there had been another sighting on Verna Road recently, so a motion sensor camera was installed in a wooded area in front of what appeared to be a potential den sight. It snapped a photo of a coyote running by on May 14 (See Photo).

But Animal Control Officer Edward Risko said a different animal lives in the den sight. Though a stick put up near the entrance had been moved, the camera did not capture a photo of the den's occupants, Risko said.

Officers distributed 68 PSAs throughout the neighborhood providing information about coyotes.


Nesting Under a Pool Deck

Birds were found nesting under a pool deck on Moose Hill Road May 12. Monroe Animal Control advised the homeowners to leave the nest alone and wait until the fledglings leave before removing the nests. Then to put up screening to prevent birds from returning next year.

The officer also suggested that the family contact the Connecticut Audubon Society for additional tips.


A Fox Den

A fox den sight was found underneath a shed on William Henry Drive on May 15. A PSA with common cautions was provided.

Fox activity was also reported on Hawthorne Drive on May 16. The resident was provided a fox PSA with common cautions.


Dog vs. Dog

A woman and a boy were both walking their dogs on Downs Road at around 9:45 a.m. on May 15 when the boy's dog pulled out of its collar and attacked the other pet causing a physical injury, according to police.

Both dogs were validly vaccinated. The woman did not want to press charges, but the boy was given a written warning for creating a nuisance and failure to license.


Foxes vs. Vehicles

A motorist on Hammertown Road reported that a fox was struck by a motor vehicle at 11:08 a.m. on May 10, but an officer could not find the animal, police said.

A fox crossing the street on Easton Road (Route 59) on May 14 was not so lucky. The adult male carcass was removed.


A Sick Skunk

A sick or injured skunk was reported in a yard on Brassie Drive in Newtown at 12:45 p.m. on May 15. No contact or exposures were reported and common cautions were provided to the homeowner.

The case was referred to Newtown Animal Control.


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