UPDATE: Code Red: CL&P Has No Time Estimate for Restoration

High winds took down power lines and knocked down trees Wednesday night.

Update: CL&P reports 245 Monroe customers without power. No time estimate for restoration. In the Code Red earlier it had said by tonight.


The following is a Code Red Notification:

Today is Thursday, January 31, 2013.  This is a Code Red Emergency Notification from the  Monroe Police Department and Monroe emergency Management.  There are power outages in town due to the high winds last night and early this morning.  CL&P is currently in town assessing and working the outages.  CL&P requests that anyone out of power call and log this outage, at 800 286-2000.  CL&P is working to have all outages repaired by tonight.

The Edith Wheeler Memorial Library is open as a charging station for all electronics.  The Senior Center is open as a charging station, as well as a place to obtain non-potable water.  There have not been any places opened as shelter yet, as it is anticipated that they will not be needed.

As always, please refrain from going near any downed wires.  Also, please be aware of closed roads, and do not drive through coned off or taped off areas.  This is for your safety.

QWERTY January 31, 2013 at 11:01 PM
Sooooooo, did CL&P renege or was the Code Red just blowing smoke up our collective you-know-whats? The amount of misinformation whenever this company gets involved is mind blowing.


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