Deer and Vehicle Collisions Continue

Deer and a squirrel were among the roadside casualties over the past week.

Deer-Vehicle Collisions

A deer died after being struck by a vehicle on Purdy Hill Road on Jan. 26. Police said no driver reported the collision.


On Thursday, a deer ran into the woods after being struck by a car in the 300-block of Elm Street at around 6:39 a.m. An officer performed a brief search but could not find the deer. A state crash report was completed.


An injured deer found in a backyard on Moose Hill Road at around 8:21 Thursday morning had to be euthanized due to extensive injuries which included leg fractures, according to police.

A State Deer Kill Incident Report was completed and the carcass was removed. Police said no accident report was filed concerning the collision.

Squirrel Dies from Injuries

A sick or injured squirrel found in a driveway on Garder Road at around 3:02 Wednesday afternoon died before an animal control officer's arrival.

Police said the squirrel's injuries were consistent with a motor vehicle strike. The carcass was removed.

Home All Along

Honey, a dark brown Siamese cat, was reported missing by its owner on Stanley Road Jan. 28, but the new pet was later found hiding inside the house, which Animal Control Officer Ed Risko said is typical behavior.


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