Girl, 14, Crashes Her Dad's Car

Officer's responded to a one-car accident on Pamela Drive, a caller tried to defraud a Monroe woman out of $875 and a car was vandalized in a service station parking lot.

The following information was supplied by the Monroe Police Department. No arrested person is guilty until so judged in a court of law.

Crashing Dad's Saturn

A 14-year-old Wheeler Road girl allegedly took her father's blue 2008 Saturn Vue without permission late Wednesday afternoon and lost control of it while turning left onto Pamela Drive, slamming into a street sign and a fire hyrdrant before stopping on someone's front lawn, according to police.

Officers responding to the scene at 11:32 a.m. saw the car, which had sustained front-end damage, but no driver. Then the girl, who had left the scene, returned with her father, according to the report.

The teenager was issued a juvenile summons for use of a vehicle without the owner's permission, operating a motor vehicle without a license and failure to drive in the established lane. She was then released for an Aug. 1 court date.

Aquarion Water Co. was called to repair the hydrant, police said.

Fraudster Tells Officer to 'Shut Up'

A Beech Tree Lane woman told police Wednesday that a man with an accent of an unknown origin left a voicemail telling her she needed to call "John Smith" to avoid being arrested. He left the phone number (904) 352-7334, according to police.

The woman called him back and a man answered, identifying himself as John Smith, a senior officer with the Law and Investigation Department. He told the Monroe resident that someone from the local sheriff's department would arrest her on a warrant the next morning for not paying a $9,000 Internet loan, according to the report.

"Smith" instructed her to send a money-gram for $875.25 to an address in Georgetown, Delaware — even though the number she reached him at had a Florida area code — within the next 60 minutes, so she would avoid arrest and so the loan would be considered paid.

The woman immediately called police and an officer called the phone number. "John Smith" answered and when the officer identified himself, Smith yelled at him, telling him to "shut up", according to police. "Smith" refused to identify the name or the business he was working for, police said.

Car Vandalism

A red Volkswagen Cabrio Convertible parked in the Hill 'N Dale Sales & Service parking lot at 456 Main Street was vandalized over the weekend, according to a police complaint filed on Monday.

Police said the car, which is owned by a customer, had two large tears in the convertible roof. There was no estimate on the cost to repair the damage and police said nothing appears to have been stolen.


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