Hurricane Sandy Kept Monroe's Bravest Busy

A summary of calls firefighters responded to during the storm.

Monroe Fire Department spokesman Kevin Catalano gave a recap of around 30 calls firefighters responded across Stepney, Monroe and Stevenson beginning at 5 p.m. on Monday.

There were no fires or car accidents, but one carbon monoxide poisoning on Main Street, according Catalano.

Catalano said there were about six smoke in the house calls, mainly due to electrical problems, several trees through roofs, burning wires, one assist to EMS for a woman in labor, and one assist to Easton for the fallen tree accident that killed an Easton volunteer firefighter.

About 45 volunteer firefighters staffed the stations during the storm.

All units were ordered held in quarters during the height of the storm unless the call involved an immediate threat to life — the co poisoning and the Easton call — as the situation was too dangerous for first responders to be out. Many roads became impassable.

"Our biggest concerns now are co poisonings from fumes from generators, increased use of candles in homes, and as parts of town become energized again risk of people becoming complacent around live wires," Catalano said.


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