Local Man Gets Six Years for Break-Ins

Raymond Reynolds burglarized several homes in the area, police say.

A local man who was arrested around this time last year of burglarizing several homes in Oxford and other surrounding communities is now serving time in prison. 

, 29, who told police he lived in both Newtown and Oxford, was sentenced recently to six years in prison; his maximum release date is Jan. 15, 2017, less than two months before what would be his 35th birthday, according to the state Department of Corrections' website. 

Reynolds was charged last fall with several counts of burglary, but his controlling offense - the most serious - is first-degree larceny, according to the DOC website. He broke into homes in Oxford, where he stole jewelry and other valuables and stuffed them in pillowcases. He left the homes without harming anyone, police said.

The homes in Oxford he broke into were on Coppermine, Bee Mountain and Good Hill roads. Police also charged him with breaking into homes in Stratford, Monroe and Southbury and police said he was a suspect in burglaries in other communities, too, though it appears from state records he was not charged in those towns.

In Monroe, police said he stole more than $25,000 worth of items from a Wheeler Road home, including cash, jewelry, TVs and baseball cards. Police believe Reynolds was looking for money to buy drugs; on top of burglaries and larcenies, he was also charged with possession of narcotics.

And in Southbury, police say Reynolds stole property from homes on Jeremy Swamp Road and Lakeside Road, respectively.

This was not Reynolds' first run-in with the law. He had been arrested several times since 2004 for drug, larceny and burglary charges, according to the state Judicial Branch website.

Note to Readers:

Oxford resident troopers said Reynolds was living at 55 Old State Road in Oxford when they arrested him and that Reynolds used that as his primary residence. That has been the address used in several published news reports, including those on Oxford Patch. The Oxford house is the home of his father, Raymond Reynolds Sr.

However, Reynolds Jr. later told police after a subsequent arrest that he lived at 4 Misty Vale Road in Newtown, the home of his mother, police said. 

Reynolds' father contacted Oxford Patch via e-mail stating that his son never lived with him in Oxford and had only stayed there to visit a sibling while Reynolds Sr. was away. Sgt. Dan Semosky of the Oxford Resident Trooper's Office said the Oxford home is where Reynolds Jr. was staying when they arrested him a first time on drug possession charges and that is the address he gave as his primary residence.

Semosky also acknowleged that Reynolds Jr. had given the Newtown address in another arrest. Semosky said the owners of both homes denied that Reynolds was living with them.

Craig Zac November 29, 2011 at 03:20 PM
he even used a pillow case...lol like an old time burgaler... he should have worn the black and white striped shirt and black mask too, Like the Hamburgaler!


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