Massive Fire Hit With 5,500 Gallons of Water from Monroe

A dozen firefighters from Monroe and Stevenson joined several area departments in assisting Shelton with the blaze on Howe Avenue.

A firefighter attacks the blaze from a crane.
A firefighter attacks the blaze from a crane.
A massive fire destroyed a city block on Howe Avenue in downtown Shelton just before one o'clock on Monday morning. Firefighters battling the blaze in darkness, rain and fog also had to contend with a few frozen hydrants.

Firefighters from Monroe and Stevenson and several other area towns were called in to provide water and manpower.
Monroe Fire Department spokesperson, Firefighter Kevin Catalano, said a total of three tanker trucks from Monroe and Stevenson — capable of hauling over 5,500 gallons of water — raced to the scene, along with a dozen firefighters.

"Monroe also provided an additional engine with five firefighters to staff the White Hills fire station," Catalano said, adding the town's volunteer firefighters worked through the night before being called back to the scene around 8:30 a.m. 

In addition to Monroe, the massive Shelton fire drew fire and EMS resources from Derby, Ansonia, Nichols (Trumbull), Seymour, Stratford, Botsford, Sandy Hook, Woodbridge and other departments.

"Resource sharing and mutual aid agreements are in place across the state, bringing coordinated resources to bear at large incidents," Catalano said. "There are also protocols for other towns to mobilize and help provide station coverage while fire trucks and ambulances from surrounding towns work at an emergency scene."

Within the past week, Stepney, Monroe, and Stevenson firefighters assisted the Easton fire department at a house fire on New Year's Day, and Monroe and Stevenson firefighters assisted the Sandy Hook fire department at a house fire the following day, according to Catalano.


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