Monroe Man Accused of Stalking

Police arrested Anthony Wargo, 27, of Cross Hill Road at his home on two warrants Oct. 23 for allegedly stalking a Monroe woman with unwanted texts, emails, phone calls and showing up at her home unannounced since being warned by officers in July to have no contact with her, according to the report.

Wargo was charged with harassment and second-degree stalking on one warrant and for harassment on a second warrant and released on a total bond of $20,000 for an Oct. 24 court date.

A complaint was filed on Oct. 2 from the Monroe woman alleging that Wargo was constantly contacting her since officers told him to leave her alone in July and an investigation led to an arrest, police said.

While in custody on that same date, police said an additional complaint was filed by the woman claiming she had received more unwanted contact from Wargo. This led to the second warrant and Wargo was arrested again, police said.


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