Old Coach Road Sheep Keep on Wandering

A buck was seen with an arrow in its side, a wild animal got into a woman's closet, stray cats are taking up residency in yards ...

Wandering Sheep

Stray sheep were reported in the roadway on Wheeler Road at 8:14 p.m. on Sept. 24. Officers were unable to find the animals, but the owner, Joe Aversa of Old Coach Road, was given a complaint advisory.

Then at 8:17 a.m. on Sept. 26, a Stonewall Lane resident reported seeing seven sheep in the roadway. Aversa was given another complaint advisory. Police said another complaint was made at 2:37 p.m. by a Maryanne Drive resident, who reported seeing sheep in the neighborhood.

Officers found the animals across the street from the owner's property and the Maryanne Drive man and neighbors helped to herd them back to their pasture. (See the photos)

An Animal in Her Closet

A Pachaug Trail woman called to complain that there was an animal in a closet in her house at 11:46 a.m. on Sept. 26, but she declined to allow an officer inside her home, according to the police report.


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Monroe Animal Control Officer Ed Risko said the woman wanted a trap for what she believed to be a raccoon, but the officer instead told her she could either rent a live capture trap from a rental agency or hire a private nuisance wildlife control operator (a referral was given).

Police said the homeowner was also given a written warning for failure to license her dog.

Arrow Lodged in Deer's Side

Someone reported seeing a small buck with an arrow in its side crossing the street in the area of Grist Mill Road at 8:33 p.m. on Sept. 25. Officers searched the area but could not find the animal. Police, who will continue to make periodic checks, contacted several residents and asked them to call if they see the deer again.

Animal Control Officer Ed Risko said this is a common complaint during Bow Hunting season.

Stray Cats Pay No Rent

An Osborn Lane resident reported a stray cat living under the deck on Sept. 19 and Monroe Animal Control gave a PSA with hazing tips to discourage the animal from staying there. A referral was also made to private, non-profit, no-kill rescue groups.

A description of the cat did not match any missing cat reports, police said.


A stray cat was seen in a yard on Stepney Road on Sept. 24 and police said the gray short-haired male did not fit the description for any missing cat reports in the area (See photos).

The property owner was given a PSA with hazing tips and a referral to private, non-profit no-kill rescue groups.

A Case of Mistaken Identity?

An officer responding to the report of a stray cat killed after being struck by a vehicle on Monroe Turnpike Sept. 20 was unable to locate the carcass. Police said there were no missing cat reports in the area, adding when the officer rechecked the area later in the week, the remains of a raccoon were found.

Missing Chickens

Two boys and a girl were able to herd chickens who had wandered into Wheeler Road back onto their Nancy Drive property Sept. 20, police said, adding the owners believe a fox or another predator broke into the coop during the day, allowing the chickens to escape.

Still missing were two hens and one rooster, according to police, who said the area was rechecked throughout the day and nothing was found.

Can't Find the Raccoon But ...

A Doris Drive woman reporting a sick or injured raccoon in her yard at around 10:53 a.m. on Sept. 22 was issued a written warning for failure to license her dog. Her pet's rabies vaccination was valid, police added.

In response to the raccoon complaint, police said the officer searched the area but could not find the animal.

Dogs Chase Boy

A Hiram Hill Road woman told police that her neighbors' three German Shepherds got loose and chased her son into her house. The owners recovered their dogs before police arrived and the resident declined to press charges.

Police said the dogs, who popped open a side door in the garage to escape, were validly licensed, but a verbal warning was given to the owner for a roaming dog violation.

Fox Sightings

A fox sighting was reported in a yard on Old Newtown Road on Sept. 24 and police determined that the animal exhibited no abnormal behavior. Hazing tips were provided to the property owner.

A similar incident was reported on Blanket Meadow Road on Sept. 26.

Thank You

Monroe Animal Control expresses its gratitude to the Bader family of Highland Drive for their donation of a collar and dog chain on Sept. 25.


A cat struck by a vehicle in the 200-block of Monroe Turnpike at around 7:30 a.m. on Sept. 21 died prior to an officer's arrival. Police said it was a large male orange tabby with no collar. No missing cat reports in the area matched the description.


A rabbit injured after being hit by a vehicle on Cross Bow Lane on Sept. 22 died prior to the officer's arrival.


A sick or injured raccoon seen in a yard on Cutlers Farm Road on Sept. 24 could not be found.


A sick or injured raccoon reported on Pastors Walk on Sept. 25 was euthanized and removed from the property without incident, police said. No exposures were reported.

The woman who made the complaint was issued a written warning for failure to license her dog, police said, adding the dog was validly vaccinated.


A raccoon was struck and killed by a vehicle in the 100-block of Hattertown Road, according to a report on Sept. 26.


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