One-Car-Accident on Fan Hill Followed By a Search for the Driver

A young woman climbed out of her Volkswagen Jetta after it flipped over into the woods off Fan Hill Road this morning, then walked to a house for help. A search party of officers and firefighters soon tracked her down.

The driver of a '98 Volkswagen Jetta apparently lost control of her vehicle in the rainstorm at around 1:30 Friday morning and went off Fan Hill Road — near Jockey Hollow School — flipping over into the woods. Officers found the vehicle resting on its passenger side at the edge of a pond, its windshield broken and its airbags deployed, but with no driver or passengers, according to police.

"Fearing the occupant may have been ejected from the vehicle as it flipped or may have staggered away from the crash injured, police and firefighters searched the woods with firefighters setting up large scale lighting, using thermal imaging cameras, and donning water rescue suits to search the pond," said Kevin Catalano, spokesman for the Monroe Volunteer Fire Department.

Police Lt. Brian McCauley said the driver, a 20-year-old Monroe woman, was found at a nearby house she had walked to for help.

Monroe Volunteer Emergency Medical Service personnel treated her at the scene and an ambulance took her to the hospital to be checked out as a precautionary measure, according to police.

The accident is under investigation.


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