Pay Up or You'll Be Arrested and Fired from Your Job

A woman was targeted by a phone scam and officers arrested a Shelton man for DUI.

The following information was supplied by the Monroe Police Department. No arrested person is guilty until so judged in a court of law.

DUI on Monroe Turnpike

Police arrested a Shelton man for DUI on his birthday at around 1:29 Sunday morning when an officer following his gray Chevy Blazer north on Monroe Turnpike saw it swerve over the double yellow line several times and have trouble negotiating a curb, according to the report.

Paul Falango, 37, of Webster Drive was charged with DUI and failure to maintain the proper lane. Bond was set at $500 for a Sept. 18 court date.

Police said an officer smelled the strong odor of an alcoholic beverage after stopping Falango's Chevy and that field sobriety tests determined he was under the influence. Two breath tests at headquarters showed his blood alcohol level was above the legal limit, according to police.

Beware of a Phone Scam

On Saturday, a William Henry Drive woman complained about a series of harassing phone calls, in which the caller claimed to be from the state police and to have several warrants for her arrest.

The first call was on Sept. 5 and she continued to receive one call a day on either her personal or work phone. When the resident contacted the Connecticut State Police, she was told there are no arrest warrants, police said, adding the caller continued to harass her.

The caller was a man with a thick Indian accent, police said. In one call, he claimed to be Paul Green from the Cohen Law Firm representing his client USA Today Pay Day Loan Co. He told the woman if she did not send money for partial payment on her loans immediately, she would be arrested and be fired from her job, the report said.

Police said the woman never borrowed money from the company. The phone number on her caller I.D. was 619-720-9920, which police said is from the Chula Vista area of San Diego, Calif.

Four similar complaints were found on a scam website with the number 619-272-9920, Police Capt. Michael Flick said.

"Don't give out any information or send anyone money, unless you know it's a legitimate company," Flick said. "Legitimate companies don't ask for personal information over the phone. If you question a company's legitimacy, call the police."


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