Police Are Investigating Another Burglary

A burglary was reported on Purdy Hill Road, a driver was charged with evading and a Harvester Road resident shared info on an email scam.

The following information was supplied by the Monroe Police Department. No arrested person is guilty until so judged in a court of law.

Burglary on Purdy Hill Road

A Purdy Hill Road woman reported a burglary at 3:29 p.m. on Oct. 9. Police said she noticed the side door to a breezeway was open when she got home from work, walked in and saw the French doors to the house were also open. Though the doors were unlocked, the victim told police the doors were closed when she left the house.

Her jewelry drawer in the upstairs bedroom was the only thing that appeared to be disturbed, according to the report. Police said an envelop containing about $1,500 in cash is missing and the homeowner is doing an inventory of her belongings to determine if anything else was taken.

Evading Alleged

A Bridgeport man told police he was test driving a car that he fixed when he rear-ended the vehicle of a 41-year-old Trumbull woman in the 100-block of Main Street at around 1:02 p.m. on Oct. 5. He was later charged with evading the scene of an accident.

Police said Dennis Delaney, 56, of Washington Terrace offered to pay the woman in cash for the damage before saying he didn't have time to wait around for a police officer to show up.

The accident victim took down the vehicle's license plate number and an officer was able to contact the owner, who said Delaney was repairing his vehicle, according to the report. Both the owner and Delaney then showed up to headquarters, police said.

Police said Delaney told them he thought the accident was minor and did not require the police to be called to the scene, and a check of his driver's license determined it was under suspension at the time of the accident.

Delaney was issued a verbal warning for following too close and a misdemeanor summons for evading and operating a vehicle with a license under suspension. He was released on a promise to appear in court on Oct. 16.

Beware of an Email Scam

 A 71-year-old Harvester Road man recently reported an email scam to police to make others aware of it.

He received an email from someone claiming to be U.S. Army Capt. Robert Brian, serving a tour of duty in Afghanistan on a peace keeping mission. He told the intended victim that he needed assistance in getting $5.2 million out of the country.

The Harvester Road resident immediately realized it was a scam, did not reply to the email, and shared the information with police.


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