Police: Illegal Use of Co. Card Fuels Purchases of $13,067 Worth of Gas

Two Northbrook Condo employees, who allegedly used a business credit card that's supposed to be used to fuel company trucks to buy $13,067.47 worth of gas for their personal vehicle, turned themselves in on a warrant Jan. 25.

Steven Rosa, 30, of Dewey Street in Bridgeport and Jose Leon, 40, of Success Avenue in Stratford were both charged with second-degree larceny and conspiracy to commit second-degree larceny and released on $5,000 bond each for a Feb. 4 court date.

The Northbrook Condominium office manager reported unauthorized use of a credit card to police on Oct. 24, telling officers a total of $13,067.47 worth of gasoline purchases were charged to the company credit from Jan. 25, 2011 to Sept. 13, 2013. Rosa and Leon, two employees with access to the card, were identified as suspects, police said.

An investigation determined Leon and Rosa had been fueling their personal vehicle using the Northbrook credit card, without authorization, according to the report.


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