Police Investigating a One-Car Accident on Judd Road

A witness told police she believes a vehicle struck a utility pole. A neighborhood was targeted by vandals.

A One-Car Accident

Police are investigating a one-car accident in the 140-block of Judd Road on Aug. 23, in which a witness told officers the vehicle appeared to strike a utility pole, before moving out and heading east on Judd in the wrong lane.

The witness believes the vehicle may have hit the pole because she saw it resting on it in an awkward position, according to the report. Police are investigating.

When Safe Deposit Boxes Expire

A 49-year-old Monroe woman opened a safe deposit box at Bank of America, 461 Monroe Turnpike, in 2000, where she kept jewelry and personal papers. But she complained to police after learning that the bank had auctioned off the jewelry years after the lease had expired.

The bank told officers she had allowed the lease to expire in 2003 and attempts to contact her where unsuccessful. The contents were inventoried in 2006, removed and placed in a vault in Pasadena, Calif., for safe keeping. When the bank sent out a notification through the mail and still did not receive a response from the client, police said the jewelry was sold in an auction in February of 2009.

The woman told police the jewelry included a gold diamond tennis bracelet, a gold diamond necklace and numerous documents, the report said. Though she did not get her jewelry, police said the woman did get her documents back.

The incident is not a police matter.

A Rash of Vandalism

Officers responded to a rash of vandalism incidents reported in the Captains Hill Road and Swendsen Drive area on Saturday. All are believed to have taken place sometime overnight.

A Swendsen Drive resident said four of his 12 solar walkway lights were ripped out of the ground. He put them back in the ground and believes they are fine, according to the report.

Then at 10:35 a.m., a Blue Spruce Lane resident reported that two clay flower pots were taken from his front stoop, thrown into the road and damaged.

A Captains Hill Road resident said a hanging flower planter was removed from her lamppost and thrown onto the road, police said.

Police said another Captains Hill Road resident reported that nine outdoor solar lights were pulled out of ground and smashed in the street directly in front of his home and that his mailbox and post were ripped out of the ground.

 A "for sale" sign in front of a house on Captains Hill Road was damaged, according to a police report.

Officers doing a canvas of the neighborhood Saturday found a "for sale" sign on Captains Hill Road and a pair of lights damaged on Swendsen Drive, police said.


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