Police Report a Rash Of Mail Thefts

Police warn residents against mailing checks to relatives from your mailbox during the holiday season. Lt. Keith White says there have already been three reports of thefts from mailboxes in which checks were cashed for thousands of dollars.

"Thieves look for mailboxes with the red flags up," White said. "Checks should be mailed out from the Post Office."

Monroe police are investigating the mail thefts with the Postal Inspector's Office.
Forma Bosse December 18, 2013 at 09:49 AM
It's a good practice to NEVER put your mailbox flag up whenever you have outgoing mail for the mailman. Thieves can copy the codes at the bottom of checks made out to pay bills and fabricate checks to your checking account. Yes, you run the risk of thge mailman not taking your mail if you have no incoming, but most people get at least ONE piece of mail each delivery day.


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