Police Reports: Stranger Tries to Enter 85-Year-Old Woman's House

A woman claiming to be a home health aid reportedly tried to talk her way into a Verna Road woman's house. Other cases include credit card fraud, a hit and run, an arrest for failure to appear in court and an attempted burglary that wasn't.

The following information was supplied by the Monroe Police Department. No arrested person is guilty until so judged in a court of law.


A Stranger at Her Door

An 85-year-old Verna Road resident told police that a woman claiming to be from a home health care agency rang her doorbell at around 7:11 p.m. Saturday and tried to talk her way inside her house, even though she told the woman that she had not asked for a home health aid.

The stranger left after the resident refused to let her in, police said. Police describe the woman as an African-American, 5'6, with a long flowered skirt and a flowered hair wrap. She appeared to be driving a black BMW, according to the report.


Not What it Seems

A 40-year-old Hammertown Road man thought an attempted burglary was made at his home Saturday afternoon when he noticed that a screen to a window had been partially bent back. However, a police investigation determined that the recent high winds caused the minor damage.

The homeowner had noticed the same thing several weeks ago and had bent it back before seeing it bent the same way on Saturday. Police said he has an alarm system with screen sensors, which did not go off.  


Credit Card Fraud

An 85-year-old Blueberry Lane woman's daughter reported fraud Friday after discovering a suspicious $170.67 charge on her mother's MasterCard, according to police.

The purchase was listed to Norton Software, which had no location on the statement, police said. The victim said she did not make the purchase. Police are investigating the incident.


Volkswagen Vs. Pole

A man driving behind a black Volkswagen heading north on Main Street at around 2:33 p.m. Thursday called 911 after the car in front of him swerved and struck a telephone pole at the intersection of Victoria Drive, according to police.

He told police that the driver managed to back his car off the pole and continue driving on Main Street before officers arrived on the scene, the report said.

Police said there was minimal damage to the pole and that the car could not located.


FTA Arrest

A Downs Road woman was arrested by a bail enforcement agent for second-degree failure to appear in court Thursday.

Nicole Brennan 36, had been scheduled to appear in court for a sixth-degree larceny charge for allegedly stealing a pocketbook from a Dunkin Donuts' employee in November of 2011.

She was being held in $20,000 bond.


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