Police Reports: A Bag of Fish and a 'Mucky Substance'

A worker at Great Hollow Lake suspects someone is taking more than the legal limit of two fish a day and a vandal may have caused a Forest Road resident's car to stall.

A 'Mucky Substance'

A 50-year-old Forest Road man told police Thursday that his mechanic told him a "mucky substance" in his vehicle's gas tank caused the engine to stall. He had to have it towed to a service station the day before.

Police said the mechanic could not identify the substance nor explain how it got into the tank. The Forest Road resident believes a vandal put it in his tank overnight when his vehicle was parked outside his home, according to the report.

However, police said the man told them his vehicle had stalled, so he added gas from his own can and it would not start afterward.


A Bag of Fish

A Parks & Recreation crew member was working at Tuesday afternoon, when he saw a fisherman with a large bag of fish. The employee was concerned that the park visitor was taking more than the legal limit of two fish per day, and called police.

Police said an officer responded, but could not find the individual and the park ranger was off that day.

Great Hollow Lake is stocked with trout and is one of the few trout ponds in Connecticut.


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