Police Reports: A Drive By Shooting ... With Paintballs

Orange paintballs from a passing vehicle pelted a house on Hattertown Road; a con artist used a ruse in an attempt to dupe a grandfather out of money.

His Granddaughter's Okay

An 85-year-old Georges Lane resident received a call from a blocked number at 10:51 Thursday morning, and the man on the other line told him that his granddaughter was involved in a serious accident in California and money was needed for medical costs. The grandfather said he needed some time to get the money and asked to be called back.

Instead, he called police, then his granddaughter, who lives in Stratford while he waited for an officer to arrive, according to the report. Police said the man's granddaughter was fine and had never been to California.

When the caller called back, a police officer answered and identified himself and the man hung up.


'Pop! Pop! Pop!'

A 51-year-old Hattertown Road resident was in his backyard at around 4:17 Thursday afternoon when he heard, "Pop! Pop! Pop!" He walked to the front of the house and saw that his front door and porch had been hit by orange paintballs, according to the police report.

Police said there was no permanent damage nor any suspects.


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