Police Reports: Burglar Steals Over $350K Worth of Jewelry

Jewelry was stolen in burglaries on Cutlers Farm and Wells roads, a rash of street sign thefts have been reported and police remind residents of the rules for dirt bikes and ATVs.

Thousands Stolen Jewelry

A Wells Road woman reported the theft of an "extremely large amount of jewelry," valued over $350,000, in the burglary of her home on Thursday.

Police said the 61-year-old victim came home at 4:45 p.m. and noticed jewelry she had left on the kitchen counter was missing.

Then she went upstairs and saw the drawers from a bureau in the guest bedroom on the bed with its contents scattered, police said, adding the master bedroom had also been rummaged through.

Police found no signs of forced entry, according to the report.


Burglary on Cutlers Farm

Jewelry was reported stolen during a residential burglary on Cutlers Farm Road Thursday.

Police said the 48-year-old homeowner told them her family was away from 9:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday and that her daughter complained that her jewelry was missing.

The woman believed her daughter had probably misplaced her jewelry, police said. But the next day, she noticed that all of her jewelry was missing too.

Police believe entry was made through an unlocked exterior door. The house was not ransacked, according to the report.


Rash of Stolen Street Signs

A total of 18 street signs were reported stolen between Tuesday and Wednesday, police said.

It started with thefts of signs from the Wheeler Road area early in the week. Then on Wednesday police said every sign was stolen from its post in the Wild Horse Court development.

Police believe the incidents are related.


Lost or Stolen Plate

A 60-year-old Main Street man reported his license plate lost or stolen on Thursday.

Police said he went to the Assembly of God Church the night before and noticed the plate was missing in his driveway the next morning. Police said the plastic license plate holder was broken.


ATVs and Dirt Bikes

Police remind residents that it is illegal to operate dirt bikes and all terrain vehicles on the road and that proper safety equipment must be worn when operating them.

Safety equipment includes — but is not limited to — approved helmet, eye protection, gloves, long sleeved shirt or jacket, and over the ankle boots.

ATVs and dirt bikes must be registered, even to ride on private property (unless it is your own property). Registrations are available through the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles. There is a $75 fine per violation.

It is illegal to operate dirt bikes and ATVs on public highways or railroad right-of-ways and there is a $117 fine for a violation.

Operators are held responsible for any damage to property where they are riding.

Any road crossings by a licensed operator are to be done at a 90 degree angle to the travel of the road, and only in a spot where there is no visual obstruction.

Written permission is required to operate on private property other than your own, and must be carried by the operator. There is a $117 fine for a violation.

All operators of off road vehicles are required to stop when signaled by an authorized law enforcement officer, or owner of the property.

For information on ATVs and dirtbikes, visit dep.state.ct.us  or ct.gov.dmv.

elaina wieser April 23, 2012 at 10:19 AM
What about golf carts and go-carts? We have all of the above driven recklessly and regularly on Great Ring Rd. by kids.
Christine E. April 23, 2012 at 03:12 PM
Time for parents to pay a little more attention to what their kids are doing. I saw a kid cruising down Hattertown Rd, whipping around a blind turn so quickly it startled me. He comes down my street often...and It's bad enough I almost hit him trying to get out of my driveway. Going out into a busy street is wreckless.
momant April 23, 2012 at 03:26 PM
the ATV's are out of control on Josies Ring Road!


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