Police Reports: Driver Pretends to Fire a Shot

Officers are investigating a road rage incident and a masseuse claims she was stiffed by a client.

Road Rage

On April 26, a 51-year-old Richards Drive woman flagged down a police officer on Purdy Hill Road to tell him about a road rage incident the night before in which the other driver, angry that she was sticking to the speed limit on Purdy Hill, allegedly followed her and threatened her.

The vehicle was tailgating very closely and the driver took his hand and pointed it at her like he had a gun, then pulled it back as if he fired a shot. She gave police a description of the vehicle and the plate number.

Police are investigating the incident.


Client Allegedly Stiffs Masseuse

A Monroe masseuse who works out of her home filed a bad check complaint Monday after her bank told her one of her client's placed a stop payment on his check.

The $560 check was for a total of three sessions, according to police. The customer told police he stopped payment on the check because the masseuse had already been paid in cash, adding he also gave her a massage table.

Police advised the masseuse that it was a civil matter.

QWERTY May 01, 2012 at 07:50 PM
Someone might want to inform this Richards Drive woman that the police are open 24/7.


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