Police Reports: Fraud, Attempted Larceny and Lots of Signs

Officers responded to reports of the attempted larceny of a boat part, an online fraud and a dispute between a pedestrian and a driver. An Elm Street man found his yard littered with signs on Sunday morning.

Attempted Larceny

A boat owner told police Sunday that someone tampered with the out drive on his vessel when it was on his property on Patchaug Drive, near Lake Zoar in Stevenson. Nuts and bolts were missing, according to the report.

Police said someone may have been trying to steal the expensive boat part. The property was the target of a larceny last year when the owner reported a truck stolen.


 Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign

An 55-year-old Elm Street man told police Sunday that he woke up in the morning to find sidewalk signs all over his front lawn.

Police said the signs included a sign, a yellow Slow Children Playing sign, a 10-foot-high Strawberry Festival sign and several disposable signs for random businesses and organizations. The homeowner reportedly had no idea of anyone who would do this.

Police said the festival sign was returned to and Raveis' sign was also returned.


Fraud Complaint

A Yankee Hill Road woman lodged a fraud complaint on Saturday after someone opened a Paypal BillMeLater account in her name and charged for $1,800 worth of fishing gear from Cabela's.

Police said the victim was first contacted by GE Capital Paypal, regarding an account she had opened. She told them she had never opened an account, so it was closed before it was used. The same day she was contacted by Paypal BillMeLater about the fishing gear.

She told Cabela's about the fraud and closed the account, police said.


Conflicting Stories

A 32-year-old Sandy Hook man told police that he was in the crosswalk on Doc Silverstone Drive Saturday when the driver of a green Acura did not grant him the right-of-way, struck him on the right hand with the side mirror and fled the scene.

The man managed to get the license plate number and reported the incident to the attendant at Great Hollow Lake. Police contacted the driver, a 63-year-old Bridgeport man.

The driver told the officer that he saw the pedestrian, but that he was not in the crosswalk and he was adamant that he did not hit him, according to the report. Police said there was no evidence of injury to the pedestrian's hand nor damage to the car.

Due to the conflicting stories, the driver was given a verbal warning for failure to grant the right-of-way to a pedestrian in a crosswalk.

Bob Zyskowski June 12, 2012 at 01:01 PM
"The homeowner reportedly had no idea of anyone who would do this." I would have a pretty good idea ho would do this. Sounds like pranks played by teens after a night of partying. In the past, this was a common requirement to join a frat. It's nice to see that today's youth are giving the signs back!


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