Roadside Fatalities Claim a Rabbit, More Deer

Deer continue to fall prey to cars, trucks and SUVs.

Drivers traversing Monroe's streets continue to come into conflict with animals trying to make their way across the roads. On Feb. 7 and 8 alone, three deer and a rabbit died from injuries sustained from motor vehicle strikes.

The carcass of a female rabbit was found on Camelot Drive at 10:05 a.m. on Feb. 7.

Then a deer was hit on Monroe Turnpike at 5:47 that evening. Police said the animal weighed about 100 pounds. The driver was not hurt and a state deer kill incident report was filed, according to Animal Control Officer Ed Risko.

Two minutes later, police responded to the report of a deer that was severely injured after being hit by a car on Bagburn Road. Risko said the deer, which weighed around 100 pounds, had to be euthanized.

A deer struck by a vehicle in the Hunter Ridge Road area made its way to the front door of a home in that neighborhood before it died from its injuries, according to a report filed at 7:36 a.m. on Feb. 8. 

Risko said no accident report was filed by the driver concering the collission.


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