Shoplifter Runs Off with a Bag Full of Newports

Walgreens Pharmacy reported the theft of 10 packs of cigarettes on Dec. 26.

A store manager at Walgreens Pharmacy, 275 Monroe Turnpike, reported the theft of 10 packs of cigarettes at 11:22 a.m. on Dec. 26.

Police said an African-American man, about 5'7, wearing a knit cap and hoodie asked a cashier for a carton of Newports, and when told there were no cartons, asked for 10 packs instead. As the cashier was ringing the order up, police said the man allegedly reached across the counter, grabbed the bag of cigarettes and ran out the door.

The store manager was able to get a description of the suspect's vehicle and license plate and police are investigating the theft. Each pack of Newports cost $8.67, according to the report.


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