Smoke Detector Allows Firefighters to Contain An Electrical Fire

A family of four on Pine Tree Road heard their smoke detector go off, while watching TV on Tuesday.

Fire Marshal Bill Davin.
Fire Marshal Bill Davin.
Fire Marshal William Davin credits a smoke detector with alerting a family of four at 10 Pine Tree Road of an electrical fire at the height of Tuesday night's snowstorm. At the time, he says family members were downstairs watching TV. 

The detector went off in an upstairs bedroom at 10:16 p.m. and Monroe firefighters were soon responding to the call of an electrical fire in a wall.

Due to a lack of fire hydrants in the neighborhood, Davin said all three town fire companies responded to the call, with tankers from Monroe and Stevenson. Stepney Fire Chief Shawn Cornut was in charge of around a dozen firefighters at the scene.

Davin said the fire was contained to a wall in a second floor bedroom, which had to be opened up to ensure the fire did not extend up into the attic and voids behind the sheetrock. He said it started in an electrical outlet that had 
a cellphone charger plugged into it.

There was no extension of the fire and electrical power was isolated to the circuit until repairs can be made. The family was allowed to remain in the house due to the early notification.

Davin estimates the damage to the structure to be approximately $1,500.

"There is no doubt in my mind that this working smoke detector prevented much more serious damage from occurring to this residence," Davin said.

Davin said he could not emphasize enough that residents need to have working smoke detectors in their homes to prevent serious injuries and or death and limit the amount of damage to their property.


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