There's No Criminal Investigation and it's Not President Obama

A con artist tried to scam a Captains Hill Road resident on Nov. 29.

A Captains Hill Road man told police Nov. 29 that he initally screened a phone call because the caller I.D. was "starnet", before picking up when a male voice identified himself as Officer John Wright of the "Crime Investigation Department." Police said the caller, who had a foreign accent, told the homeowner that federal charges would be brought against him.

The resident refused to give Wright any information and after he called the Monroe Police Department, a town officer called the number. Police said a man who answered pretended he couldn't hear the officer when asked for Wright, then said he worked for President Barack Obama. He was evasive when questioned before ending the call, according to the report.

Police said an Internet search of the phone number showed complaints from many people saying they were called by either John Wright or Ron Davis, who tried to get money or Walmart gift cards from them.

"We will be investigating and urge readers to never give out personal information to a caller they don't know," Lt. Brian McCauley said.


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