When Breaking into a House Fails, Burglar Enters Garage

A burglary was reported on Moose Hill Road Thursday night.

When a Moose Hill Road woman came home at around 5:30 Thursday night, she noticed that the frame to the basement window had been pulled out. After checking the rest of her house, police said she found that a screen to another window had been cut and the back door to the garage was forced open.

Though the garage is attached to the house, police said there is no direct access to the residence.

An air compressor, a chainsaw and a cutoff saw were reported missing and an inventory of the homeowner's belongings is still underway, according to police, who had no estimated value on what was stolen.

Police said access was not gained from the windows that had been disturbed.

Rt25 October 09, 2012 at 11:44 AM
And....what is happening with the investigation of all these break-ins???? Certainly, there is a pattern here and more than likely this is being done by the same individuals. Even, I can surmise that with no police experience. I'd like to hear from someone official regarding these robberies and invasions into people's homes.


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